Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“A fake reputation is all a man has” Tangled Movie Review

The first time I laid eyes on Disney's Tangled, I didn't like it one bit. It had this strained sense of comedy and putting any Pink song over something, especially a Disney film, makes me think that they're trying to be more mature than they should be. I growned and placed a finger blind over my face and probably annoyed the person(s) sitting beside me. Let's just say it was a When Harry Met Sally type of ordeal, both experiences ending in the same conclusion where I get to make out with Meg Ryan and she thinks I'm a pretentious annoying dope.


But in all seriousness I go into every non-Pixar animated film with grave expectations. I basically will sigh before the credits start and then brace myself, but overall I really enjoyed Tangled and apart of it comes from the fact it's using the usual Disney Princess route, a tried and true tradition which has rarely failed Disney and has been growing strong for a good 8 decades
Who's the queen now, motherfuckers?!

The film, for those unaware of the story of Rapunzel (or Tangled), has a young girl (Mandy Moore, playing Rapunzel, literally, pitch perfect) stolen from a king and queen a long time ago and placed in a high tower, where her hair, which is magic, grows to extraordinary lengths and is eventually saved by a prince/guy, Flynn Rider (played by TV's Chuck, Zachery Levi). The story is told from Flynn's perspective as a swaggering, smoldering thief who stumbles across Rapunzel escaping from guards and a horse (who absolutely steals the entire fucking movie). Flynn then is convinced by Rapunzel to defy her 'Mother' Gothel (Donna Murphy) and basically venture out into the real world.
Not Pictured: Flynn...wait a second?
That being said it was more the marketing than the film itself that I was not looking forward to for this film. If you do see the film (which I, if you haven't already guessed, strongly recommend) you will notice there are certain pieces missing from the trailer which either didn't make the final cut or were simply made for the trailer. I don't dispise or think it's false advertising on Disney's part, they and Pixar have pulled this kind of marketing stunt before. But one of the biggest things I need to make clear, as one of my good friend's pointed out, was that it was a Disney animated film, which means that, yeah, there's singing.
Fuck Marketing, we're gonna dance
However, that being said, I love musicals, hell one of my favourite films last year I consider a musical, as well as one of my favourite films of all time, and one of the biggest criticisms people had for the film was that the songs were forgettable and unncessary. Whilst I will give them the unnecessary part, some songs do come out of nowhere and are ultimately useless, there are two songs which I have stuck in my head, that kinda make me want to buy* off iTunes and play non-stop. The point is, the songs are enjoyable for multiple reasons as they bring the two metaphors; dreams are important and that holding things captive/prisoner is terrible for you and them, home pretty clearly.
I thought WE already covered how important dreams were, last year.

I did see the film in 3D and I have not been so mesmerised by the visuals since I saw Avatar...what was it, over a year ago. It's so trippy just thinking it's 2011 already. Anyway, to sum up Disney's 50th Animated film, it was fantastic and much better than I expected and whilst copying Dreamworks in certain aspects, I feel that I can not do it justice and you should listen to a beautiful woman named Lindsey and her friend Nala, Disney have really blossomed into making something funny, fun, beautiful and entertaining and overall enjoyable to everyone without being too cliché, sappy, annoying or poorly written.
*Oh yeah, totally gonna buy music,

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