Monday, November 1, 2010

Afternoon Dump 1/11

Looking through some links online and found some great stuff whilst breaking for NanoWriMo (2000 words, yeah!)
Star Wars adverts new and old OR How George Lucas has made money for the past 3 decades
Speaking of Star Wars, can you take a light sabre on board a plane? TSA's new iPhone app tells you if you can.
Pictured: Meanies...*hmmmph*
Someone is named Dude...this is news. and Yao Ming is awesome
America's media goes apeshit when people who tell the news with less bias, more humour and more research actually has a worthwhile rally...even though it signifies nothing..and mightn't actually prompt voters for this month's elections. And this one time I really wish I was American.
Whilst pursuing your dreams is good, there's a difference between someone telling you a flat out lie and just not knowing. You should follow your dreams if you have a fairly good plan or have a good idea what to do. You know, I've always wanted to do a blog, so I gave it a fortnight's worth of thought and came up with a few pros and con's and the pro's outweighed the cons and that's probably a good way to know...I'll probably post the Pro's and Con's list later this week.
Okay I don't wanna be an American now.
Not Pictured: Starving Children in Africa
In this joke is old news...also apparently homeless people have the internet...or this is a lame Halloween costume.
Also just in case you were already sick and suffering, yeah, Horror movies hate you too. Also 28 Days Later is one of the best horror movies ever made.
In more Canada is Awesome news, Canada has first Zombie uprising, making it more awesome.
Apparently this blog should actually be more international...which would explain why American, Australia and Britain are the only people who read this.

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