Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Late Edition 18/11

Sorry, I've been busy with watching the new Harry Potter, writing the review, doing a small analysis on How To Train Your Dragon and just family and stuff, so I'm sorry if you were expecting a dump this afternoon...but I doubt anyone was....sigh, I have no life.
Anyway, here's what we've got today starting off with this little lady:
Warner Bros are remaking Wizard of Oz from the original script with the help of Robert Zemeckis, whether or not they'll go live action or CG has still been undecided, but I probably prefer the former as Zemickis' CG films hit the uncanny valley too hard.
On drunk idiot news, Four Loko the popular and psychotic caffeine alcoholic beverage is having it's recipe changed after several reports of people being hospitalised after drinking only a few of their drinks.
TSA's screening process has been extremely debated and hated over the past few weeks and have basically caused the company to come out and say they will hire private screeners if people do not comply...yay, assholes.
Will Wright has been briefing people on Crowdsourcing and is bringing his ideas to TV, cannot wait.
Antimatter atoms are finally trapped thanks to CERN. The rest are roaming around the heads of Twilight readers who's brain and logic had been slightly depleted long ago.,0,7174957.htmlstory
In slightly hilarious news, a professor has yelled at a student for yawning in an LA lecture.
A video I posted yesteday about Tina Fey accepting her Mark Twain award (and rightfully so) had been censored by PBS for certain jokes she made about Sarah Palin...assholes.
A pastor in the US has told married couple to stop using Facebook....oh yeah, good luck with that.
Fable 3 is apparently still in development for PC...yay, don't rush it.
In pretty fucking awesome news, Night of the Living Dead has been made into an adventure game.
I really doubt upping the price on a few soft drinks will actually stop/fix obesity. People still eat alot, it's about the amount of consumption rather than what they're consuming. Sure, people will consume less, but they'll go for the cheaper and often worser drinks...I was gonna explain that story but I might as well have cut the crap.
Got an idea for an iPhone App? But don't wanna not be paid a few thousand dollars? Well, Microsoft are looking for developers to make apps for them by simply just giving them a pitch, an outline, a working prototype, shit if I had an idea and no idea how IP law works, I'd be doing it right away.
Nintendo has come out and said that they will not be making any new consoles till the Wii hits over 15 million more sold, bringing the total up to...oh shi-
And finally, just because someone else did it, doesn't mean you should:

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