Monday, November 8, 2010

Afternoon Dump 8/11

Finished my exam with vigour and care...yeah totally.
And now I am free to pursue video game and blogging for the rest of the summer.
Hope your day has been going well, especially with Michael Jackson's new song out. Love the man, danced like the man for many years, so awesome, fuck the haters, he was acquited, bitches be bitching.

In dumb parenting news, and also Australia sucks news, a fucking dumb and neglectful parent, give alcohol to her son and actually cheered the little bugger on whilst he was downing it. We have a terrible drinking problem in this country and I really hate parents who should be taking care of their kids, but instead are you know, giving them and themselves wine, just to 'numb the pain', should have thought of that before doing it in the back, just because Khe Sanh was on.
In scientist news, Narhwhals are now scientists and helping out with climate change.
Social media is now being used for businesses and getting their brand as well as integrating their marketshare to make sure they are able to synthesis their growth in the was that legible or what?
Apparently a billion gigabyres is called an exabyte...oh and traffic data in the US has broken quite fair for mobile data...I just don't know why they didn't represent it as a'd be easier, smaller graph, better understanding. More people know what a terabyte is, or even a pentaflop (1000 terabytes)...I think they made that shit up1
With more environmental news, apparently Levi's are making Jeans with 28% less water...because that's the first thing you think of when you think of Jeans...wetness...okay now it's the first thing I think of when I think of Jeans.
In airport security news, man boards plane as old man, man gets off plan as young is idiot and thinks no one will suspect at 11.
An executive for THQ has come out and said if you want to design games, be a soulless, PR-chatting asshole, I mean an executive. Hmmm, because it's so fucking easy and independent gaming is soooo failing.
In, I don't give a fuck news, the newly elected congress may be soft about drugs in sport. Like there isn't, hasn't always been and will never be, a drug problem in sport. I'm sure even the horses are taking Ecstasy before every Melbourne Cup race just so they don't have to feel the pain and deal with the minutia of the race.
For all the American folk and PS3 owners, you can now view Hulu for free. Being an Ausfag, I have no choice but to suffer the unfortunate and constant message of, OH NOES U IZ NOT AMERICAN, DO NOT VIEW OUR SITE, which I get from, and of course, hulu...fuck you American pigs, Canada. you're alright.
URINE FOR SALE! (not mine)
In South Africa, apparently you can sell your urine, which is good. It fixes the problem I've been having with the Nigerian government who are asking for my credit card or a large sample of my urine in exchange for gold.
A 1965 Volkswagen van actually has use since 1965.
Apparently baby boomers have the most erratic trend for spending money, especially since the whole cougar thing kicked off.
In the best pic of today news, here it is:
Also these:
He's so tired...of hearing about Apple news.
Apparently people on working equipment also play WoW...who knew?
Apparently in a recent statement, a republican candidate discussed the actual destruction of a compromise know...all the things...they've done...yep...go America.
In computer and gaming news, Nvidia and DirectX11 videos are out and look pretty sweet.
And finally in car news, this may exist soon...
oh and BTTF is awesome, so freaking awesome...still awesome...yep even now
so is this cake.
Have a great day.

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