Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Extra Dump 10/11: More Walking Dead, More Indiana Jones and More teens doing dumb things

Today has been really muddled for me and I thought I might as well do this before I pass out from exhaustion and hayfever. So here we go:
Apparently Ghost Rider 2 is on. Didn't know that, here are some pics and a video of Nic Cage being pretty boss.
Conan kicks Leno and Letterman's ass. Fuck those guys. Fuck them up their stupid asses...okay Letterman is okay, but fuck that banana-chinned cock.
A teen was recently paralyzed after having her ears pierced. Her mother told her that she was now responsible for her own washing and the teen just hit the floor.
In fucking dumb news, the state of Chicago is spending 2 million dollars to ship some carp back to China...they ordered the tuna.
In other news, I will be sleeping on the couch tonight....
The Android has been around for 3 years?!
It has 44% of the smart phone market...Good on'em
In fuck yeah news, our whole universe was in a hot dense state with nearly 14 million years ago expansion started, wait!
Yes CERN has able to create a mini big bang...BANG!
Apparently a guy in the US was almost convicted of a hit and run charge...if it wasn't for the fact that he is a rich sonofabitch...shit.
Toshiba are soon bringing out slimmer and better drives...which is good, because the one I have now is a piece of shit.
This first season is apparently a short one, like  6 eps (UK stylin') and the new one was recently picked up for the amazing opening two episodes picking up great ratings (inculding a few great new subscriptions to basic cable)
Speaking of basic cable...oh I already  mentioned Conan kicking ass...well Conan still kicks ass. Did you know he used to write for The Simpsons and also wrote one of the best episodes ever...
In movie news, apparently Kung Fu Panda creators are making a new movie called
Harrison Ford really wants to do Indy 5, he really likes Cowboys asnd Aliens and hates Star Wars...kden...go Harrison...yay...,47452/?_r=true
Apparently there is a fucking Rubix cube movie coming out...yay....rubix I need to write a screenplay.
Obama is pretty sweet...
2DBoy, creator of World of Goo, has come out this week and said that there has been no 'masterpiece' of gaming. Sure but for now I'm happy with this:

Have a great day, folks

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