Sunday, November 7, 2010

LINKS OF THE WEEK 30/10-7/11

Well, I've been live for a week so far and every Sunday I can, I will be posting the links of the week at least till I start a job or go back to Uni.
So here we go starting off with a Commando video which will make you wanna get to da chopper!
In I am still afraid of fucking heights news...fuck this.

The Kindle is the only piece of technology in China which can flip the bird to it's country's internet filter...wonder why?
Nope, that's not it.

Science explains why we hate every call overheard. Personally I love it and pretend I'm the person on the other end of the phone and that I loathe them with all my heart.
"Did you hear about Chrissy's party?"
"Oh yeah, the one where you caught the clap?"
"Yeah, totally hammered. On my way to the doctor now"
"Yeah, could be worse, I could be with you"
"Alright, but if I see you later you owe me one"
"Yeah, a punch in the mouth"
Ghostbusters 3 is fucking on, hell to the yes.
I was in JB Hi-Fi (for any non-Australians, just replace that with, any big store) and my friend and I were browsing games and we noticed the Ghostbusters video game. I'd forgotten how good it was when I played it earlier this year. It was perfect for fans and a great story, which had a good reason to return all your favourite characters, even Vigo makes an appearance.
In a statistic I can barely believe, 70% of the internet world don't speak english, but for anyone who's played on Xbox Live knows that this is true and that the most spoken language on earth is broken english.
In Yao Ming news, Yao Ming is fucking awesome

In sweet music to my ear holes,

You can now download it from Pogo's site, in MP3 and FLAC and it is beautiful.
And Jon Stewart said fuck you to Reddit.
But Colbert seems to be a bit differenced in opinion

And finally, this dude still loves Pokémon...

Who knows what the new week will bring?

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