Monday, November 22, 2010

Morning Roll Call 22/11

I am waaay too tired and I'm currently trying to recuperate and clean up. But anyway here's how you start off a race:
Apparently Burlesconi, Italian PM, has some ties to the Mafia, or might have ties, either way he's gonna give the Italian public an offer they can't refuse.
Sony is starting to churn the hype machine and saying they've got a secret to tell in a few weeks. After VP Kevin Butler made a few announcements over the weekend
In awesome news, Brooklyn has a new friendly resident, a panda you can punch.,0,5604032.story
In the continuing series of fucking stupid issues which the TSA will be probably unable to come back from, they are gonna fine people $11000 and probably arrest them if they don't let them pat you down or do the scans.
Apparently a lot more people are researching stuff and purchasing online and that Black Friday is gonna go insane.,0,2758388.story
Finally, a breakthrough between the 9/11 workers and residents who have been ill since the attacks almost over almost a decade over.
wow there really wasn't much news today, good, gotta get stuff done. Have a great day.

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