Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Afternoon Dump 17/11

I've been busy playing The Saboteur and watching the last two Harry Potter films to catch up with what I'm seeing tomorrow. So it's gonna be a long night and an interesting day tomorrow.
So let's see what's happening in the world today?
Activision is closing Budcat studios, creators of the PS2 and Wii ports of the Guitar Hero franchise. This means that support for the last gen console and the Nintendo Juggernaut may be in a bit of a stand still. This news isn't too suprising after what was announced this morning...especially when you need some money to expand your McMansion HQ...and maybe improving your customer service.
XBLA indie developers are quite surprised today after seeing their little games rise to the top, of course, regardless this means that Microsoft is making a fuckton of money and the developers may or may not be getting a raw deal.
Hipster bosses exist and they apparently love their iPads soooooo much, they neglect their workers and intelligence and opening themselves up to other possible technological advancements.
The Black Swan is an amazing film from Darren Aronofsky, a pretty sweet director who is now directing....The Wolverine. Here's the international poster Fox Searchlight has just released:
All I can say is Natalie Portman making out with Mila do you want to see it?

100 body scan pics have been leaked online from TSA's body scan report. Fuck flying in the US, only one person per day can fondle my bits...and it ain't gonna be someone who works at an airport.
In other news, a woman has beaten a cop with a dildo...I do not know how you can bounce back from that, seriously.
In poor Haiti news, Cholera has broken out in the small country and it has lead to minor spreads of violence. Poor Haiit.
In crazy news, Teens use more condoms than adults...which is good, as long as they're using them constantly and in the right way.
In slightly sad news, a woman has killed her son then herself after a dispute over gaming...goddamit.
In other news, I cannot wait for this movie:

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