Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Afternoon Dump 10/11

GOG, a gaming delivery system site, was invaded in the night by gigantic assholes Infinity Ward. Why?
So what have we missed today?
Apparently Google is offering free Wifi...YAY! On Holiday Flights....awww, this christmas, also a bit of extra news about all the things they've been up to.
Do you got to University? Well, apparently your debt is greater than all the credit card debt in the world. Wondering when we'll see the VISA University any time soon.
Rhonda Sue Tomlin, not a great name, but apparently a great drug dealer who was recently arrested after finding a large amount of narcotics and contraband stuffed up her...*makes inappropriate whistle sound*, inappropriate whistle.
A woman has been jailed in the US, for retracting rape allegations after a very, very long case...being male, I have no opinion, say or voice in this matter.
In Movember news, please support this great cause:,2817,2372240,00.asp
Here is a guide on how to troll on Facebook, despite the fact Facebook has been the greatest troll and waste of time on humanity since religion
A man has lost 27lbs (12 kgs) on a new Twinkie diet. Like all diets and people who have lost weight on them, they are exceptions, not rules.
Apparently certain neighbourhoods in Spain are named after games and game characters. In fact, one of the reasons the Mario franchise is so popular is the booming plumber industry.
In oh-shit news, Google's venture into Adwords is essentially a very very very large portion of their revenue and with the Android being one of the only competitors against the iPhone in the smart phone race, they are preparing for damage control, post-Adwords.

My caps were on cruise control
Google is planning on adding screenshotting to their instant preview and image service so you can see what the site is like before you view it. Really good indicator of where advertising is now probably gonna flow for most sites, screenshottan.,0,7700119.story
Apparently, doctors are trying to be noble and not complete dicks when it comes to accepting gifts and C.R.E.A.M on behalf of drug companies.
In nerdy news, Australian news site replied to making a few errors in their recent Star Trek post. We are sorry, world, we are sorry.
Pictured: Freud's Elephant
Apparently new sanctions have been brought in and questions about the possible destruction of another country...why?
Cameron Diaz has been offered a new role in the Jason Segel produced, written and scored Muppet Movie which apparently will have a really dark tone, but an awesome title.
It's almost like The Dark Knight for muppets.
Science proves to be awesome once again as 30 Rock is better than SHIT MY DAD we needed scientists to figure that out.
Today, Canada, you are now men...

Kevin Butler is a boss.
This morning people the world over logged into their 360's to play Black Ops, a million of them. In the past 24 hours, over 9000 videos videos have popped up on YouTube in the past 24 hours and it's sold many, many a copy...oh and it's been leaked online for PS3, Wii (WTF) and PC apparently, with Infinity Ward trying to chase those copies down. I might get it as a Christmas release.
Tech and gaming genius Iwata, says that even with the 3DS coming soon, there are no plans for killing the world's favourite handheld any time soon
IBM has pledged a very very very large portion of money to improve 100 cities around the world. In their charitable donation, I imagine Germany will be getting a nice big surprise...if that link is to be believed...also this guy.
Move my name one letter forward, Dave. I dare you.
And finally, cute animals doing what cute humans do best of all...

Have a great day
Oh and this kid loves Marley

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