Saturday, November 6, 2010

My First Week as a Blogger.

So it's been week one as a blogger and I'm actually quite satisfied with what I've achieved if anything.
This blog was originally created so I wouldn't clog up friend's walls on Facebook and other places with links that they'd have little to no time to actually watch, click etc. on them and whilst I dabbled in being a blogger earlier this year for a Comm. Media assignment, I had felt the idea of me blogging would be incredibly self indulgent and I think that somewhere out there in the great blogosphere, there are a few dead posts from me when I was much younger, including a lot of spelling error-filled posts on Newgrounds, Neopets and other forums revolving around gaming.
So the main rule I had with this would be to keep it about yourself the least amount possible and the easiest way to do that would be to essentially just have it not about me. Sure, I do post things about me and use the pronoun, I, like a ma'fucker, but the main point of this blog is to share links and stories that I normally wouldn't have time to post on people's walls and basically give an overview of today's biggest stories, no matter how untopical and boring they are.
So just a few quick stats on the blog:
In the past week I've had just over 500 page views,
Only a fifth of which were posted on friends walls.
Of that 500+, 330 are from Australia
72 from the US
40 from the UK ('sup Liz)
28 from NZ ('sup Hilz and Cory)
and the rest are from South Africa and Singapore.
Who do I know in Singapore and South Africa and how did you get to my site?
I want to say hey, thank you heaps and I hope you've been enjoying it, thoroughly.
The majority of my viewers use Google Chrome, like me, 29% use Firefox, which is awesome and so much win!
1% use Jasmine...which I have no idea what that is.
78% of my viewers are Windows users, 2% are Mac users...which kinda makes sense with all the bad Apple news I have.
The average daily pageview is 60 and the highest I've had was 127 which is incredible.
I'm thinking I might do a Sunday afternoon post of all the best links of the week called Shuffle, probably mainly videos and pics I've enjoyed.
So I hope you've enjoyed my first week and tomorrow I'll be posting a small thing about my first week in NanoWriMo and what I've been working on.

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