Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daily Dose 24/11: UPDATED 9:00

Still a bit f'd up but still able to write a thing or two (but nothing more on Translator, sadface), but first a reminder whilst you chug down a Diet Coke or a Mount Franklin today:
The Dark Knight Rises will apparently be based on the graphic novel series of Batman and Christian Bale said that this will be his last role as the B-man
Gore Verbinski is in lockdown with Disney to create a live-action adaptation of the classic TV Series The Lone Ranger.
Tim Schafer, creator of Grim Fandango and Full Throttle, has got plans on making a brand new game based around Bubushka dolls, called Stacking.
After seeing Skyline yesterday, I cannot believe the that the producers cannot believe how shit their film is. A film devoid of character development, character traits, a structured plot, a reasonable explanation for anything and one of the worst endings I've ever seen and pretty good effects, it's like AVATAR* all over again!
Neill Blompkamp, the God behind District 9 is working a new film and there is a teaser right there on or right here. I'm unbelievably excited
PopCap Games are throwing their hands up for the season and are selling a lot of their games cheap, so if you're mum is a gamer this Christmas, better get up on that...not your mum, the specials...I'll get up on your mum.
Hulk actor is a racist apart of the American strike force team to keep them immi'gants in Mexico back from Arizona.
A small Blops Tourney in California has been underfire as the game was played at a Library. High Fives all around for a place that's meant to be for reading.
I was just about to start watching Fringe and then I get news, it's cancelled...FTS
In news from a few days ago, North Korea showed someone their nuclear facilities...and then this happens, I dunno man...I got like Conspiracy Goosebumps.
In a lovely piece of backpedalling, so much it should be a sport of the Reverse Olympics, Microsoft are pretending that their cool with the Kinect being hacked.
In I didn't think you should give a shit news, the President of Russia has slammed Samsung's Galaxy Tab..why? What could be wrong with a rivalling piece of technological equipment?
In slightly depressing news, Harry Potter himself says he sees no life for HP after Deathly Hallows, which makes me think if JK did go back to the well, even for a ' oh let's see what they're up to'  deal, it would either be praised or bombed.
In an uplifting story, a homeless man has completed a marathon as a life long goal.
And finally, a daily reminder:
Have a great day.
*Avatar is better than Skyline, just a lot more blue.

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