Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morning Roll Call 14/11

I had an incredible time at a Bro's place last night in a NERF fight, we were up until a bit after midnight which means there was no Afternoon Dump. I may do one today, but if not, I'll still be doing links of the week.
So first off we have....oh not again
A woman name Christie is hoping to make a couple hundred thousand for a 34 Year Old Mac...good luck. In all honesty, she needs that money.
The US Federal Government is currently proposing to place graphic images of corpses, cancer patients and diseased lungs to get people to not stop smoking.
In Facebook news, Facebook has offered a Google engineer to come work for them for 3.5 million dollars. He graciously turned them down, but I gotta say...3.5 million dollars would have you set for life, seriously. Just take the money, keep 1/2 for expenditure, throw the other half in Google shares and then quit when someone throws their first shit-fit...but then again I imagine working for Google would be near-perfect.
Oh and they're launching an email service tomorrow, so I wish them and Zuckerbucks all the best.
In a funny kinda weird knee-jerk response to the site WTF has Barack Obama Done, WTF has Sarah Palin done is online now....
Ever wanted to know what happened to some of that steel from the World Trade Center?
Yeah, me neither. Well, it's in some Navy ships now, another symbol of American pride and overspending.
This is the best picture I have ever seen
Spain's incredible unemployment is hoping to be ratified by an increase in environmental jobs. I think this is the best thing you can do, unless the people are just like severely unemployed call centre which case, you know, there are gonna be a lot of people calling up about broken solar panels with efficient service.
A man was forced to eat his own beard at knife-point.....THIS IS THE NEWS
A cloud-based netbook is being launched this month and it seems to be pretty cool. I'm not 100% convinced of cloud-based systems, but then again, I live in Australia.
In a haunting piece of historical photography:
In awesome news, a paper plane has been launched into space!
In fucking gay news, Unversity's are gonna start reporting any P2P use to police.
A naked guy was at a library...THIS IS THE NEWS!
In slightly sad news, as a form of protest on Armistice Day, people were burning their Poppies from Remembrance Day. A bit fucked up.
In Canada Rocks news, a rooftop farm is nearly done and has the prospect of feeding over a thousand people. I think this is awesome...especially when a zombie apocalypse comes.
In weird news...the moon is getting fat.
In a fucking frightening news, an intruder stabbed a 4 year old, 36 times. WHY!?
Also, I really wanna know who counts all the stab wounds. My heart goes out to you whoever you are.
In Ohio, a smoke stack demolition did not go well...
The Video on the site just had me falling over and laughing and probably doing millions of dollars in property damage.
And you'll never guess who's fault it was.....

Family Sends Tower Crashing The Wrong Way - Watch more Funny Videos
A shopper was arrested after spending 5 hours in a shop and being extremely slow. The man was found with several drugs on him and in his system...he is now slowly shuffling through the court system.
A new research has come out of the UK that says we learn to instinctively laugh, but we actually have to learn to cry, which possibly means we can ween that out of any fucking two year old in a cinema when you're trying to watch a good movie.
In a testament to fast and amazing work, a Chinese building company has put up a 15 storey building in 2 days. Super props.

In other news, this girl has been sent from the future to kill Luke Skywalker:
The Gorillaz are making an album on an iPad and there are rumours it may be out by December. Whilst I didn't think Plastic Beach was awesome, Gorillaz are consistent with still pumping out good tunes.
In the UK, they are developing a new type of camera for cheap that could make films like Avatar seem overblown productions...but, you know, even more so. The camera's could essentially mimic Avatar's 3D style for around 150 bucks.
In...awww God no and Imma let ya finish news, a Kanye/Tayler Swift porno has come out. Talk about not-so-topical, it'd be like making a Balloon Boy porno or a Antoine Dobson porno.
And finally,
This is made of win:

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