Saturday, November 20, 2010

Morning Roll Call 20/11

Well, I'm off to a LAN in a few hours, but I thought I'd share a few links with you this morning, because you're pretty special and awesome and I'm sure no one else knows about this blog.
This first story actually put me in a pretty great mood which I know will deteriorate shortly, but a little girl was bullied in the first grade and the internet came to help her and it was awesome.,,20385926_20442931_8,00.html
Game of Thrones for those of who don't know, is in production and here are some of the first set pics from the series. Whilst I'm not a fan of mythical/medieval series I feel like this one might change me.
Valve celebrates their recently announced delay of Portal 2 as the shortest ever, but it's good they announce delays and not just leave it in the air or just be total dicks about it and announce right before the original release date.
The Coen's are bringing Michael Caine's Gambit back for a remake and it has funding, a director and a possibility that this brit-crime caper will be good.

This ad was banned in the US recently. I can't take the US laws seriously since they showed Janet Jackson's nipple and shit themselves over things here which would be on TV at around 7.
Dicaprio may be in the J. Edgar Hoover film coming soon. I didn't know he had a production company - Appin Way - and they're the ones that thought that a Red Riding Hood Twilight movie was a good's really fucking not, Leo...
See the biggest Harry Potter and Twilight fans and tell me which one is the most depressing lifestyle.
An Abraham Lincoln biopic with Spielberg at the helm and seems pretty good with commonly moustached actor Daniel Day-Lewis
A Judge has lost his shit in Washington and told the jurors to stop tweeting...which in all honesty I thought they'd have that shit taken off them.
Apparently a whole bunch of cheese has been given to the poor in Ireland and I think that is awesome.
Apparently there are more games in the App store than every console in the past 2 decades combined
In Facebook news, Facebook shopping or social shopping are coming to our little screens soon.
A professor loses his shit and posts it online and over 200 of his students admitted to cheating on his test, even students who aren't in his class even admitted to cheating.
The Dark Knight Rises starts shooting in May and new Superman is starting in June.
The recent tragic plane crash in India may have been caused by the pilot's sleep inertia.
Apparently Hitler had UFO's. I saw this update at a party last night and someone had like a fashion channel on and popped up and I actually stopped a conversation just to peek behind their head to read it. It was a great party.
A man has sadly died after giving his brother his liver and I imagine it is probably one of the most heartbreaking things I've heard all week.
In slightly hilarious news, a man was getting a meal at Burger King and had his receipt enjoy a funny little message after his total, it being, Fuck You, and Fuck her too, the employee was  then fired and it almost makes me wanna know who else has left messages on my receipts.
In Harry Potter news, a Quidditch match was held in New York and apparently it was a pretty sweet turn out.
A couple wants to let the internet decide on whether they should abort the fetus, of course, letting the internet decide anything is always a mixed bag. Like this recent court ruling in the US Senate.

And finally, I plan on turning this into an Image Macro fast:

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