Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dawn Patrol 9/11

It's early here.
I'm in bed.
I saw Jackass 3D last night, I have to study for something else now.
I will gaming for most of today...but I need to catch up on NanoWriMo.
Shitsux.... but this is probably worse
In sad dog news

Apparently the ancients were as narcissistic as us, with earliest tweets being found in 'Visible language'

As I mentioned yesterday Megamind topped the box office and here is how they did the 3D in the film.
To be honest, the film looks a bit like Despicable Me mixed with a Superman parody, but who knows it could be worse, I might go see it. This year has been huge for animated 3D features, I imagine next year alot of them will be greenlit. In fact, this year, almost half of the highest grossing films of 2010 are animated, Toy Story 3, How to Train your Dragon, Despicable Me, Shrek Forever After, Kristen Stewart's acting and Sam Worthington's career...animated being, look alive.
Fucking cannot believe Alice in Wonderland grossed over a billion dollars. Fuck that movie...in slightly related news, this short movie has ' Alice'  in it and it's actually good.

The guys who made that are actually making a fucking sweet movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt right now. It's called Hesher and it seems sweet.

In other fuck yes movie news, Tintin pics are being released and I cannot wait for it!
In a probably careless idea, Hayden Pene...Penettri...the cheerleader from Heroes, and Nikki Reed (Thirteen) in a probably forgettable horror/thriller coming out next year.
For those with younger bro's, sisters or cousins, Kung Fu Panda 2 teaser is out.
Silent Hill 3D is coming your way new...which they could not wait for the third film or you know, a good director.
Remember when I mentioned Toxic Avenger might be getting a remake?
Well, it is and they got the director of Hot Tube Time Machine, a film I loved from this year. It was really funny, crazy and just fun comedy.
This woman is now apart of a bank robbing crew. True story*

Apparently the reason things go viral is related to game theory. So essentially if some bro's click on a link, other people will probably click on link, which could explain why my Swedish bank account is constantly having to have the password changed...oh my how poor I am, anyway, the theory helps explain the possible chance a video goes viral and explodes or just whimpers and falls into oblivion.
Game theory is essentially a theory about the behaviour of people based on the behaviour and actions of others.
In other news, that's pretty boss.
A man in Sweden has been arrested for shooting immigrants...yes, racism can be so stupid.
In fuck yeah science news, Science is able to make blood out of skin cells, fuck yeah!
And also a look into the iPhone 5.
Now, for star wars fans...this is what the Millenium Falcon looks like on the inside:
The military is trying to crack down on military personnel using a synthetic form of weed to calm down...because the last thing we need in the war is a bunch of calm and cool potheads on the battlefront.
And finally in America, stop fucking news, America is far far behind in both family planning and using contraception. I kinda don't believe this because I love the British...but not that much.
Fucking use it, seriously.
The Pill
Enough annoying kids. There was a couple and their baby at Jackass 3D last night...fucking hell. If you can't tell, I hate kids.
Enjoy this soccer fail and have a good day.

Nasty Soccer Foul - Watch more Sports
*This is not true

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