Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daily Dose - 13/11

EMBED-Love and Other Drugs - Exclusive Red Band Trailer - Watch more free videos
Love and Other Drugs. I've read the script and whilst it's kinda formualaic in the romantic comedy sector with a few jokes you'll see coming (pun intended), which they've delightfully stashed in the trailer. Still it's pretty fun and drops in a few weeks. Starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal, should be awesome
In video game news, Bobby Kotick is pretty fine with the sales of pre-owned stuff now that Project $10 is nearly off the ground. Project $10 basically being the new initiative some companies are setting up so that if you buy a used game, you can still get the DLC that originally came with it, for just a fractional cost. Whilst not groundbreaking, still a fairly good deal against them internet pirates....yaraagh
In good TV news...wait
They did it to AD
They did it to Sit Down, Shut Up and now Running Wilde is put in hiatus again...whilst the show did come back this week, it has been pushed away for a short time...
Kinect apparently costs only $56 to actually make, however, shipping and blahity blah stuff, makes it cost a fuckton extra.
In fuck yeah news, JEFF GOLDBLUM + Biz Markie
Paramount and Viacom are confirming a few movies for 2011 and 2012, Zoolander & GI Joe 2 and TMNT are being confirmed...wait wasn't TMNT done like  2007....ffffff
Natalie Portman is one smart and horny girl...wait...yeah, that's right. She's currently co-writing, producing and starring in a SuperBad Raunch comedy for 2011
The Horcrux has fallen...whatever that means and first reactions for HP7P1 have dropped and UGO and Joblo have all the latest goss on the film
In sweet news, Tim Schafer says he is ready for another Psychonauts game.
In fuck off news, Activision has said they don't have an ego problem...all I have is this owl
According to Han Solo himself, Han Solo was meant to do at the end of Jedi, but they decided not to in the editing suite.
Disney are slowly pulling out of the console race, my bet is on the poor sales of Epic Mickey...and by poor sales, I mean what Disney expected and what Disney got.
Popcap are releasing a cute little JRPG game in Bejeweled 3...but only in Japan.
And lastly but not's a word, movie news, Paul Giammati will be in Hangover 2
And finally,

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