Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning Roll Call 18/11

I'm off to see Harry Potter 7 today after getting through 5 and 6 last night. I'll probably post a review tonight.
After finishing two Harry Potter flicks back to back, it kinda feels a bit like this 50% of the time:

But for now let's see what's in the news:
I may have reported about Activision killing Bizarre Creations but plenty of companies are willing to revive the little company, but I'm wondering who keeps the IP's after the collapse.
In the fuck is wrong with you news, Kids were shown Saw 3D and were severely traumatised that the kid from Linkin Park was actually trying to act. are now in the moviemaking business and are asking for people's ideas and works.
Crying baby passengers wish for flights without children...good luck with that.
In awesome news, a couple have documented their life as stormtroopers, from proposal to the pattering of little 'These are not the droids you're looking for'
Dennis Hopper's costume from the Super Mario Bros. Movie has now been put on an auction. So has a few Terminator items including your clothes, your boots and your chip in the back of your head....
One of my favourite directors of one of my favourite films is coming to the US. Director of Sympathy, Lady Vengence and Old Boy is making his US/English debut some time soon.
In more international movie news, Martyrs is being remade, an amazing gory supernatural horror film, by the director of The Last Exorcism...which hasn't been released here Australia....ffffffffuck I hate this country...and the bee movie, The Swarm, is being remade too.
Apparently in 1942 the US was almost doomed and ready to be turned Germanic:
Writers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg have signed up for a new film. After how funny Superbad was, I can't wait to see what these guys do next.
In you're fucking retarded news, girls are suing their school because a bracelet saying "Boobies" was banned. How fucking stupid, slutty and fucking dumb do you have to be want a bracelet that says boobies? Unless they're wearing it ironically...which is probably worse.
Los Angeles has now banned plastic if they could ban the plastic faces, we'd all be safe.
Motion control games mess with your emotion due to muscle memory and playing with your movements to invoke specific feelings...unless you're playing a shooter, then you're dead to the world.
Republicans want to shut down the government...yep, good luck with that.
Google Voice App has been made available for Android...yep.
Jersey Shore's The Situation and Bristol Palin have made a sex you know, don't fuck or whatever:

And finally, an oldie but a goody:

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