Thursday, November 11, 2010

Afternoon Dump 11/11

I've been waaay too busy today and need some time to relax so enjoy this fucking wicked masterpiece of Mega-Art
So Good, now what have we missed today?

Following this Kinect story gets awesomer and awesomer, the thing has been hacked, the guy(s) who hacked it are getting some sweet cash
New Wes Anderson film looks like it's getting a fucking sweet cast, but a shame because I loved Anderson's adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox, thing was perfect and he probably will never do another animated film since it failed
In video gaming news, Warner Bros is quite angry at the shift away from triple A titles into more casual games.
Rachel McAdams is unsure whether she will return for the Sherlock Holmes sequel, which is a shame, because McAdams in a corset, WIN!

In awesome news, I caught this last night on ABC2, but just had to share the love. Remember that song Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green? Well, he sang it on the Colbert Report....with a little more zazz
In fairly sweet news, Black Ops sold 7 million copies on it's first day.
I played the online multiplayer yesterday and it was fucking sweet. The new maps and the fun I had were quite exquisite. I mean, I love FPS-online as the next shouty 12-year-old, but still it's awesome.
In breaking news, a kid skated over someone's ledge, that someone became pissed...someone had a video camera, lulz ensued.
Speaking of lulz ensued, look at this used car ad...
A couple has made a good couple thousand on a game show by testing their knowledge of the awesome and long running Doctor Who series. The show is absolutely fantastic and I especially think that most of the international audience (bar UK and maybe, US) would get a kick out of the sci-fi extravaganza.
And finally, 50 Cent is pretty cool

See more funny videos and TBT at Todays Big Thing.

Now let's imagine I never said that. Have a great day guys and enjoy the album!

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