Saturday, October 30, 2010

A First Puncture

A first post.
A single puncture into the blogosphere.
I have felt as though that creating a blog was really for those who were either:
a) wish to be famous
b) already are famous.
And even though I am nothing of the latter, I find the importance of the first quite problematic for me and anyone who does wish to be famous. Even the idea of fame being thrust upon someone, makes it seem like a serial pest who doesn't know when to quit humping your leg.
Now, what does this have to do with my first post, other than an introduction?
Well, I wish to make my motives clear that first and foremost, I am not an incredible optimist when it comes to being famous or to a lesser extent e-fame, and that what this blog mainly serves as are three things or ideas.
1) A series of links I will be posting so friends of mine do not have to see a million tiny annoying link status updates (the initial idea)
2) A launchpad for my scripts, prose and other creative works (the 'I hope I get it, oh I hope i get it idea)
3) A place where I can provide a weekly insight into where I am with current projects, wheeling and dealings (the 'title' idea)
So where am I at this week?
This initial post is more in the third category as I can sum up as much as I can. I am at University, being a  Creative Writing student (who is also doing Communication and Media), I am currently unemployed, slightly poor and am an avid movie buff, internet geek and vidya player. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys long walks on the beach and cocktails. But first and foremost I wish to identify myself as a writer...and not some brown haired, brown eyed unemployed lazy bastard.
Starting the 1st of November, I shall be doing NanoWriMo as a test of whether or not I can actually be a continuous (struggling) writer. The novel I have decided to do will eventually be posted on here (in a Google Docs format, like my other works) and has gone through substantial changes (something I will discuss in my November 1st post) even before the process has begun.
But for now, I just welcome you to my blog. It is a bridge between my internet world and friends. I feel as though whilst I hate keeping the two separate, my love of internet memes, internet culture and the influence of the internet on my life, often cross over in more recent months, but for now, this will be the beginning of building a bridge.
Whether or not it will fail or simply come crashing down is not really incredibly important, but like all bloggers, what's truly important is giving my opinion and thoughts, no matter how vain, narcissistic, idiotic, racist, sexist or absolutely fucking retarded it truly is.
So as I've mentioned a fairly substantial three other times, welcome
Oh and Have a Nice Day
P.S You may wanna look up the name of my blog before proceeding onwards or bloggers subscribe? Man, I should've done more research

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