Saturday, October 30, 2010

Purple Ho's before Purple Prose

Brevity is the soul of wit - William Shakespeare
Dude, I don't talk that much - A Narcissitic Dilettante

The importance of being clear and concise with your language is something that, in a verbal context, always seems to escape me. For those who have met me in conversation, know that I will probably jabber on for hours, which in turn clearly makes me the fool.

With the help of this blog (and Mr. T) I feel that this blog should be a direct filter from my mind to what I wish to say. For example, if I wanted to discuss the workings of the new film - and by new, I mean just released here - The Social Network, I would probably describe it in a structure fitting that of a film review and not a multi-post wanky analysis bonanza. Also no one wants a blog full of TL;DR (or Too Long; Didn't Read). They want concise captures of someone's imagination (or lack there of), of someone's true soul (or lack there of) and how they see the world. For this I find that brevity is the best way to go for multiple reasons.
1) The importance of coming across in an understandable manner is an easy way to get your point across and make friends.
Trust me this was a very long and arduous struggle through high school and something I need to work out still in my early Uni days.
2) Being able to sell your work or have people being able to either accept or at least provide criticism to what you've said.
I find that any convoluted reason, especially one steeped in very poor logic, is something no one wants to wade through. Sure, talking really fast and throwing an excessive amount of word play in there (humourous or not) is kinda fun, but as Phillip J. Fry once said "Clever things make people feel stupid and unexpected things make people feel scared"
3) The ability to be brief helps you save time, for you and your audience.
The worst thing I hear about other bloggers is that they either neglect their blog or fanbase simply because they don't have time. Not to say that in the magical happenstance I actually become employed or at least being paid for sexual favours, this blog may go tumblr down hill. I will often try to sum up points and things and just how I feel in general, especially when it comes to links. Essentially I do agree with Shakespeare and a great man named Anthony Burch, when asked what is funny?
All he said was "Brevity"

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