Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: A Down Under Experience

After a brief stroll by the beach this afternoon, I noticed with a friend, that there were kids in costumes just hanging around the wharves and the beach houses. Whilst Halloween seems to never slip my mind, being Australian it isn't really apart of our culture. I remember my sister's obsessions with it at a young age and into their mid-teens and my mother's own religious opinion has changed over the years. One year in particular she hung a "Sorry, we don't celebrate Halloween" sign outside the door; we were egged.
'That's what you get for being religious and for not giving out candy we don't deserve'
This year, my mother was more than welcome to giving out some small treats to the many costumed youngsters parading up and down the streets. I do envy them as the acceptance of this holiday has been quite strong in recent years and the prospect of getting free shit, is never lost on anyone at any age. While I've never gone trick or treating myself, due to a social phobia of just randomly knocking on people's doors, feeling as though I'm trying to consistently sell them on something, such as, No I did not make this out of a pink bedsheet 3 minutes before turning up to your house just to get candy.
But Kudos to the kids of the world, who for a single space of time in October, own the night, and to all my American readers, whoever you are, good luck hunting down some Reese's Pieces and slutty women tomorrow night, that shit is cash.


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