Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roger Rabbit 2: Apparently Still on
Something like Roger Rabbit in it's own right is a pretty fantastic piece of film. The script, the references, the character, the style (both animation and film) are top notch and recently, Robert Zemickis admitted in an interview with MTV News that a Roger Rabbit two is still on it's way.
They did an early animation test a decade or so again and it doesn't look bad, but apparently it was a pain in the ass to do. But with programs such as Maya and the incredible work of the guys at Pixar (as well as the okay, but not heaps great Zemickis IMAX, 3D films), who knows what they could do with it.

Bit other than a bit of nostalgia, I can see why this film would get a greenlight and a fairly good box office.

Coz ya'know, everyone wants to know what she's up to.

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