Monday, November 8, 2010

Morning Roll Call 8/11

Wow, it's been a week and I have an exam today, so Afternoon Dump may turn into just random links during the day and maybe something tonight. So to make up for that I made a small mix for you guys (Pssst, it's at the bottom)
So puppy, what have we got this morning?
Fucking Apple news?  Brilliant. Okay so apparently Apple have backed out of continuing to use the Xserves, but they have said they will let the warranty last for at least 3 years, so at least that's good.
This guy, makes fuckwin Ghostbusters art, srsly
IT'S FUCKING CARL SAGAN DAY...tomorrow, November 9th, note it motherfuckers!

Dude is a boss, did weed, came up with more shit than you'll ever know, can sing and whistle like Timberlake, ultimate boss!
For more sweet music, visit these suckers:
Apparently a 3D Black Ops is coming soon, when, no one's sure, except for Best Buy and all the people last night who turned out for th Aussie Midnight Release...oh well.
This sounds like funniest and most dangerous idea ever.
ROCKET MAN! Gonna be a long long time before someone else breaks that multi-loop record.
Owning and selling used cars actually cause a slight dip in car sales in the US economy.
In science news, new warning signs have been found for those with prostate cancer...if a tiny bit vague.
Apparently Amazon paid off the US Government to drop a recent USPS
Apparently trains are much much safer than cars...unless of course a truck falls on you.
Facebook and Google now have all the User data thanks to Google Bars and...well Facebook owning Facebook.Your shit is theirs essentially and you probably won't be able to get it back, unless the internet declares an amnesty, which is good because I have said some dumb shit on Newgrounds forums, poorly spelt, possibly racist dumb shit.
I guess Cartman got to her, because SuperNanny will be leaving the show (but will probably just be replaced) and starting a family...awww.
Miley Cyrus is a drunk...there I said it. But if my mum had sex with the guy from Poison, I'd probably start drunking too.
In Australian music awards..boring and boring stone won 5 awards and that's about it. All I really care about is the dance and comedy awards which were won by two guys
In this exists news

This exists.
Ever wanted to know why that girl online, looks better than that girl in real life?
Apparently media pundit are using 5 grand worth of oxycontin a day...which is just weird.
In Minecraftan news, Seananners has a brand new video out:

I use apparently heaps because I tend to take news like this, without a proper source or believable content, with a grain of salt.
Much like Zack Snyder
And now a quick image dump:
The fuck are you staring at?
In Soviet Russia news...
Fuck your maths, I'm rich!
Some absolutely insane and cool pornography statistics.
And now, the mix by Dirty Wallflower, it's a tad glitchy because 1) I'm rustic and been busy and 2) my lappy is quite crappy right now.
For tracklist, just ask in the comments.

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