Friday, November 12, 2010


I know I have barely done anything today.
But to be honest it's been a bit hectic here at AND, a few things have been mucked up and I might only be posting daily posts rather than bi-daily...or whatever...
First off, we have some good news from Minecraft
Texture contest!
Martin Freeman has finally read the Hobbit...I gotta get started some time soon.
The SyFy channel in the US is teaming up with the creators of Spider-man The Musical. I have seen some clips of Spidey! But I hated the part with Thomas Haden Church and he...oh wait...yeah Spiderman 3 was shit.
In game trailer news, Rockstar Presents...
Paul Rudd is not gonna be in the Muppets movie...but Lady Gaga is...great...just...great
Kevin Smith's Red State has been previewed to a select audience recently and you can listen to what the film is about and how the screening went down. Cannot wait for this film to drop next year. Only cost 3 mil to make and it will be awesome...definitely better than fucking Cop Out.
In what sounds like Fallout-esque news, a Coke bottle has sold for 22 million, but the main thing is it was once owned by Andy Warhol....GO ART!
In slightly racist news....
In WTF news....WTF?! has pulled a Pedo How To Book...there are a few things I feel are a bit questionable...
first of all, didn't know you could publish books from prison
secondly, didn't know Amazon didn't have a quality control policy.
Shiggy says he is embarrassed by Super Mario Bros 3...which is to be honest my 5th favourite Mario game, but it's good the man is humble after all these years.
Apparentlt a 3D episode of Mythbusters is on it's way. I'd love to have a slow-mo version of this.
Apparently Fallout New Vegas has a cool gay character
Annnnd finally,
this guys says Naked Grandma


  1. Dude it's true. Madagascar is the hardest place to infect.

  2. Holy shit, my first comment!?
    Is Madagascar really that hard to infect? and why?