Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morning Roll Call 10/11

Hurray in the double digits and good morning. Although, if you count the end of last month posts but I kinda don't so nerrr.
Anyway, here are some of the stories which have caught my attention this morning and I hope you enjoy.
In Time Waits for no Fan news, Paramount Pictures have several projects under their belt which they seem to be possibly losing the license for or simply have no idea what to do with the projects. These include the Dune series, the Bourne series and a few others.
In Disney news, they are developing 3 live action TV series based on the Marvel Universe, due to their merger last year. I'm not sure how to feel about the actual development of Marvel for Disney audiences, they can play to adult or mature audiences but they usually either have to be based on something else or developed by Pixar and make me cry.
In people smarter than me news, Robert Chipman has released a new video under his Game Overthinker title

as well as a new show on the Escapist called The Big Picture...first episode a bit of a pet peeve for Bob and I, Halo
In moon speak news, Scribblenauts has an entirely different name in Japan. I imagine they'd love that game over there, all the creativity and cutness and fun and coolness of making your own world....because I understand the Japanese people.
In bad study news, Americans still have a very simplified view of sex...which doesn't really show with the younger generation.
Bad study, bad bad bad study!
In bad girl news, a 13 year old has turned her parents in for pot smoking. Now whilst I personally don't condone smoking weed around kids of any age, you suck little girl!
In US politics being fucking dumb news, a Republican didn't take full responsibility for his own fucking campaign and who was saying what, especially little Miss chatty.
Goddammit America!
Get better PR, idiot!
In stupid American news, a 40-year-old mother placed a link on her myspace to indecent images of her 15-year-old song.
1st of all: Who uses MySpace still
and secondly, you're a dumb mother.
In I hope he was asked first news, Kanye West started singing Gold Digger on a Delta Airlines flight...but then like stopped 1/2 way's weird.
In Holiday Tax news, Gamestop have come out and said that the Kinect will beat Move for the christmas rush. Even being a PS3 owner, I believe this and whilst I have not tried either Kinect or Move, I imagine they'll be hot ticket items this year over the absolutely fucking incredible selection of Wii games that have been released this year
Kotaku is reporting a very large delay for Metal Gear Rising, what looks like an incredible addition to the franchise, but ultimately is still a Metal Gear game. The game was set to be released some time next year, but it looks like it will be postponed for another year to the dredded 2012, OH NOES!
Analysts and a few rumourmills are predicting a less-than-modern warfare for the Call of Duty franchise. They might pull a New Coke approach and release a Space Marine type game in the Call of Duty franchise, replacing Nazi Zombies with...Nazi Aliens.
In O RLY news, LA Noire, a long rumoured and frankly interesting new game coming from Rockstar, despite delays and projects that have come out of nowhere and been awesome, a trailer will be released on Thursday.
Apparently Steam is totally cool with not sharing the gaming experience with others.
Michelle Pfieffer and Robert De Niro have been added to the New Years Eve cast. Fuck, who ever is doing the budget on that film must really be good at analyse.
In this joke is old but still sweet news,
Chad Michael Murray and Katie Satchkoff will be playing a couple in a new horror film Haunted in Georgia...which is good, you know if you're a woman
Google has cut off the data feed to Facebook for all the stats they could be sharing...which is good and they'll find a way around it, or sue Google or just go with Yahoo...does anyone use Yahoo as a search engine? Ever?
Miyamoto and crew were in the Big Mushroom this week to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.
In recycling news, New York's canal sludge can actually be recycled into glass to make glass...just like Minecraft...but replace sludge with sand and dog with son....
Miley Cyrus: Just wait till I'm 18
The World: Nah, we're cool. Enjoy your new Daddy
I never said life was good, especially when you can get the best of both worlds...and by worlds I mean Dads.
In other news, Fitty Cen' has a big heart
Made of money...awwww
In Derp news, Black Ops had over 4.5 million pre-orders, whilst not making it the greatest pre-ordered game, still the hottest atm.
In Team Coco news, he fucking slays NBC on his new blog and his first sketch has been released online. For you Aussies like me, Conan will be premiering on Gem (Win's Digital Channel 80) in the very near future.

Let's see what else we got today:
A new film called To Hell and Gone is in production.
Disney are basing a new movie around a themepark ride...or the other way around.
Oh fuck no...a new Uwe Boll production about an overweight superhero...Blubberella.

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