Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dawn Patrol 10/11

It's early.
Here's a puppy:
Barack Obama has come out and said in all honesty, the new unemployment figures recently released are the 'new normal' in the US. Now I just need to go to the US and I'll be the new normal, I be trending!
But apparently the money from tax cuts will be paid for with unemployment benefits...yay...Republicans.
Super-human material can be only a few years away now. Brand new material is being genetically enhanced to be stretched, warmed and ready to roll for clothes and safety wear...sadly, probably in that order...with Lady Gaga costume being the first selling point.
A hilarious new article from IGN basically judging a game by it's cover, which Kate Beaton does perfectly monthly.
Brand new sweet looking browser is perfect for social networking and adding more things to your internets you probably don't need. I hope it's not bloated as Google Chrome or Firefox.
A man died outside the Playboy mansion. Told you, you can be killed by boobies...
or Snu Snu
Microsoft is ridiculous news, Microsoft denies the Kinect hack and will probably fix it in the next few days weeks months...which it will then be hacked...THE CIRCLE! THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIIFE!
Post 2005, New Orleans was a state trying to piece itself back together, whilst the citizens there have been through hell, this hellish look at the abandoned Six Flags (an American amusement park ) which was partially destroyed post-Katrina.
In fucking der news, a piece of technology with a microphone and connected to one of the biggest corporation and the internet, may be listening to you.
In okaaaaaaaay news, apparently don't bring ink cartridges on flights in the US. It's dangerous.
In movie news, actually good actors might be in Clash of the Titans 2
The Life in a Day project is finally becoming a movie. Produced by Ridley Scott and launched earlier this year, people were posting videos of their day in 2010 and posting it on YouTube. It is now turned into a film and I'm incredible intrigued...however, the original plan does sound a lot like something nicked from the 1995 romantic classic Before Sunrise.
Skip to 7:50 for the thievery :D
Apparently to study the genetic code of humans, we're looking at's a-maize-ing...oh go to hell, I don't deserve the pun-ishment.
AOL are trying to muscle in on Google's retarded cousin rival, Yahoo.
Someone is being sued by Microsoft for hard-modding their console...wooo, go Microsoft...
The fact the multi-billionaire company is suing the pants of off one guy, shows it's not about money, it's about just being douchebag...but to be honest, The Gates Foundation does actually do some amazing work for AIDS research.
The first movie about Chilean miners (one of them ran the NY marathon) arrives in cinemas soon. I'm hoping for a remake with the Frat Pack...they eat Jonah Hill first, fuck history. Michael Cera plays the nervous newbie who causes the cave-in but doesn't tell anyone.
Hey guys what happens when I pull this rock out?
Speaking of good actors, here's three of them, Michael Caine, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon
In Americanisation news, Coke and Walmart are going to go try and break into the African market with their product. We have CostCo here in Australia...why? I'm not sure...also this exists:
Go fuck yourself America

Seriously...go fuck yourself
Apparently computer glitches take money out of our accounts daily and weekly and you know, we do nothing about it, because we don't know. It's kinda like that coding plan in Office Space.
Apparently dogs were found inside a jet and were meant to go off, but they didn't and they were found and the world is safe for another day for jets.
Speaking of jets, this man is the boss:

And finally for Team Coco...a Taiwanese cartoon

Whoever makes these has probably the best sense of humour in all of Asia.
Have a great day and...

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