Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Morning Roll Call 9/11

Happy 9/11!
Oh right, that's different if you're American.
Anyway, after a frightening dream last night and a fairly good morning of reading, here we have what we've missed....other than Jessica Alba making my blood boil...
Much like the Kinect you can plug your bionic arm in your 360...sorry yourself. So not like a 360...unless....
In gay rights news, this woman is a lesbian
In the US, if you're a company and are getting around a tax hike, just be a douché and you know, not pay them by pulling a Double Irish. In which, you push all your taxable items to one Irish company, then into a another before bringing it back tax-free...Motherfuckers.
If you want a successful company, find something bad or something which needs fixing, make something better and you can't go wrong.
Apparently with the 5th one barely being released here yet and the 6th one being planned, Turismo creators are being little bitches...make your own console or release it on PC you jackass.
You can actually listen to last week's hearing on video games vs. California
After all the Wii fail videos and hearing about the nudist and the smash last week, people are finally hurting themselves with a 'controller-free' console.

Apparently Tolkien stopped The Beatles from making an LOTR film...why? Because LOTR is sacred....
In Bush is a pussy news, Bush was gonna be sad and not invited to Chaney's birthday if he didn't pardon
Scooter Libby...do you know know Scooter Libby? Do you think this is bullshit and fucking retarded?
In Top Gear news, a new Stig has been chosen...but it just won't be the same
Apparently the latest Motorola phone creeped into How I Met Your Mother this week...I fucking knew it, Mosby is a time traveller and is actually an amnesiac who...brb writing
In Minecraftan news, Minecraft is real:

In bro news, Wingman stays by pilot's side after a small crash.
It's been 25 years since Windows 1.0 hit the streets. I remember being in primary school and they had Windows 3.0, despite having Windows 98 at home. Man, 98 WAS THE SHIT! I remember the Sleuth theme and the fucking screensavers and playing Sim City 2000, man that was awesome.
In all hell yeah news,
There's a Luigi one out back, but no one wants to see it.
Apparently there was something called Netroots a year or two ago and Obama's tech savvy new world has fallen to bits with America kinda stopping with Facebook and Twitter and falling into an ever deepening hole of debt and unproductivity...oh well...at least there is Canada.
Despite being fairly buggy, but tons of fun, New Vegas has sold over 5 million copies. I'm gonna pick up a copy when Christmas rolls around. I didn't like Fallout 3 heaps, but it was heaps fun to play.
In Canadian news, developers of the fairly fun, but fairly mediocre games, Wet & Naughty Bear, say they're proud to be Canadian and working in games industry, good on them!
Apparently, Nintendo has forked out just under a million dollars for Dame Helen Mirren and hottest actress working in Hollywood, that isn't Kate Winslet, for her to be in Wii Fit ads...
Nintendo is reporting much more interest and demand in getting their code for 3DS out there than the original DS...difference being the ability to make money without probably trying and the 3D boom which has hit the world like a bill of laser treatment.
Remember a few days ago, I mentioned the guy who hacked the Kinect, well he's got his money and the source code is currently being toyed and played with out there.
Apparently at the Heart Attack Grill, if you're over 350lbs (159kgs) and you eat for free...kthen...well 60kgs to go!

In Teen Sex news, 80% of boys use condoms and 69% of girls...which may have been a stupid question to ask for girls...or that is a hilarious coincidence of a statistic. A full infographic is in that link.
5 year old draws monsters, sadly has acute lymphoblastic leukemia , pays for therapy with pics. I mean, using a bit of emotional selling, but good on the kid...also the American healthcare system...
Apparently if Speilberg had his way with teh Potter franchise it would have been a very long and animated film series rather than the sweet (dark) and cool looking live action franchise we have now.
In other movie news, Apollo 18 is coming from the director of Night Watch and Wanted.
X-Files 3 is apparently being written.
Duncan Jones of Moon fame, finally has a synopsis out for his new film, Source Code...did you know Duncan Jones is the son of Bowie? The Bowie
Pictured: The Bowie
In Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) news, he is working with Gibson on a new project and a Poe movie apparently. Dude is going places.
The three most mismatched Action stars are teaming up for a film called Set Up...go on, you can laugh, he is 50 Cent.
Vivid Industry is back after a tiny (many people checked) HIV scare...just a bit tiny.
I love these:
The Atlantic has decided on the top 100 most influential figures in American history...Melville starting off the countdown at 100.

Scott Pilgrim's director is English?!
Keith Olbermann is retutning to MSNBC..Well shit, that was quick. I guess he was done getting 'party donations'.
And finally, in sport news,
this is pretty funny

Have a great day.

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