Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Morning Roll Call 2/11

So after seeing The Social Network last night and deciding not to post a review right away, I have had a fairly goodnight sleep. If I did do the review, I probably would have been up all night watching Gerry, which is probably not even worth mentioning because of how little that film even registers on my film blips.
So what'd we miss this morning? Well not much apparently.

A twelve year old thought it would be a good idea to talk openly about killing and slicing the throat of his fellow school mates. This is why I am for banning any violent games to anyone under 18, because I don't think they realise that getting through the 'No Russian' mission means they can get through puberty.
I mean, I'm not gonna harbour on any kid's freedom of speech, I remember being a young lad and running around the playground playing Tip or Hid and Tip or Tippy Tip and screaming 'I'm gonna kill you' when my asthmatic body wouldn't take me anymore than five times around the bar zone, waiting for their time to run out.
In D'awwww news,

A friend of mine suggested more cute puppy or animal pictures...apparently it draws a crowd.
People have been posting about this online for weeks. From what we know is in Batman Begins we have Wayne being called Two-faced and the Joker card. In The Dark Knight, Lucius Fox suggests that his suit is 'Good against dogs, and also cats' So we at least know someone is gonna be in it.
I've watched the pilot already and it is incredible. The first few minutes really set the dark and sinister tone for the series and how anyone is probably gonna die. I really wanna read the comic book series after the first season, just to get a comparison.
Drug experts are saying that Alcohol is worse for you than Heroin. I genuinely believe that alcohol is worse than marijuana in terms of it's effect on the populous, but that's because I believe pot-smoking friends, comedians and anyone who isn't a complete drunken dick. So this story kinda had me half and half about certain drugs being 'better' than alcohol.
Tattoos and geeks...yep...not much to say there...
It's worse when he prematurely ejaculates, a dog laughs
Glenn Beck must be spinning in his paranoid hyper-baric chamber. From brief glimpses and clips I saw of the rally, it looked like alot of fun was had over the weekend and that Steward and Colbert's contributions both in and out of character were much more appreciated than overt, slightly racist, nationalism.
In movie news:
TinTin is gonna rock and is being MoCapped.
Jason Statham is in a new movie...if you're you know...into Statham and gritty Brit-Actions...bit like a younger Harry Brown
The new Kevin Smith film I am super excited about. He was taking questions on his Twitter last week and it seems like it will kick ass next year.
Red State is essentially zombie film + republicans + John Goodman = FUCK YEAH!
First poster got released yesterday:

Can't wait
Baz Luhrmann is doing a book adaptation, just so kids don't have to bother reading another text at school.
Daisy is currently being chosen for the film, The Great Gatsby. A very fine selection of women are on display for Luhrmann's casting couch.
Remember that film Disturbia? No, that was the Rhiannon song too.
Well, like I said the first time I saw it, it's a watered-down version of Read Window, Universal Studios and the original owners of Rear Window are still suing for copyright infringement on the shitty little film. Hey, if I made a movie and someone stole the exact same idea and then made a couple hundred million, I'd be a little bit snippy.
Not pictured: Acting
Speaking of rear window....s
In awesome image news:
I want it
MTV, once known as awesome music video and animation channel (Na-na-na-nahhh) is now the Guilty pleasure, we-rip-off-other-shows, Network.
Next, is probably the worst show to ever air on MTV. Essentially a guy or girl comes out to get 5 members of the opposite sex to answer a series of ridiculous questions and do a stupid trick or stunt, but the guy or girl has the decision to just yell NEXT! for the next person to come on, or to actually question whether they want a second date after all the trials and ridiculous questions. It's depressing and almost as bad as the Conveyor belt of love .

And also in more, let's tear everyone apart in terms of gender and actually not get along.
Have a great morning (or afternoon/evening for America and night for Brit's)

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