Monday, November 15, 2010

Morning Roll Call 15/11

I've had an incredibly stressful, but fun weekend and decided to not bother with the links of the week. I'm 5000 words behind in Translator and I just got back into TF2...which is both good and terrible, but let's not talk about that, a new week, a new bunch of stories, let's see what we got today:
McDonalds and Pepsi are now starting to set a new set of instructions for their health policy. Whether or not they'll actually change their content will be up to a clown and a bunch of celebrities.
Being single is great because it actually teaches you how to be self-relient, how to be confident in yourself and to teach yourself an immense amount of skills for future relationships.
There's a horse in the back of this car!

Horse Riding In The Backseat Of A Car - Watch more Funny Videos
IT'S RECYCLE DAY, Don't forget to actually recycle today...and pretty much everyday. I mean, I'm not a perfect environmentalist but I do believe recycling does actually help with this little world of ours.
Mick Rock, an incredible pop historic photographer who has been, seen and done basically every kind of thing with the great celebrities of the past 40 years, including the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Debbie Harry and...ugh...Lady Gaga
I absolutely love that we're in a an era where we can hack or make almost anything to make it look it's from the movies and I also love how much I've been following this hacked Kinect story. The recent hack has made the interface look incredibly similar to that of Minority Report. It's really cool and it's good to see someone is using the Kinect and motion technology as it was intended....except without the whole sexual touching technology.
Most of the reviews coming out for Skyline are fairly poor or average and I will probably be skipping it, however, Battle: Los Angeles, looks 7 different kinds of wicked.
In pot news, despite the disregard of Prop 19, a recent ruling has allowed all Medicinal Marijuana dispenceries allowed open.
After releasing a journalist from their Myanmar prison, people are calling for more prisoners to be released...see what happens when you're nice to America.
A recent ad released by the NHS has been deemed partially pornographic but it really does get a good point is awesome...oh and you need to protect yourself. The video on YouTube presents an interesting interactive choice which gives you the chance to make a different choice...don't make that 'different choice'
In a frightening but fantastic piece of journalistic integrity, in Mexico writers are actually reporting on the on-going drug war, despite threats, bomb attacks and god knows what else. It's awesome seeing this kind of standing up to pseudo-terrorist activity.
In kinda gross, kinda cool news, Ben Wilson, a New York artist, has used used chewing gum to make the sidewalks of the city beautiful.
And finally, this dog is incredibly helpful :D

Have a great day

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