Sunday, November 7, 2010

Afternoon Dump 7/11 - Lazy Sunday edition.

I have had a fairly busy day. Got nothing done. I haven't even prepared the 4 chapters of Translator I was gonna post on here. But it'll probably be up in about 2 hours.
So what have we missed today?
Just so you can breathe easy, Smokers are 37% more likely to get brain related diseases such as dementia and alzheimers than 'regular people', however, said 'regular people' are probably the ones who got really fat or smug from telling smokers off for so long.
In stfu news, Game designer Bobby Kotick (Call of Duty) has claimed that the call of duty series is a tribute to the military personell who fought in wars. Whilst I do believe that some of it honours it, (I had alot of fun going through all of the military videos on CoD3), the dramatisation of war is rarely not going to patronise the audience as well as the actual men who served the war, even when names are changed.
Oh and here is a visual history of CoD.
Do you like Jockeys?
Do you want to see Jockey's fight?
Click that link.
New Beatles photos have emerged of them just hanging out at UC Berkley, they're fairly interesting and cool.

McDonald's Special Sauce Rap By Employee - Watch more Funny Videos
I wish I could rap and order food at the same time.
Speaking of things I wish I could do at the same time, these people are able to sound and look like idiots all at once.
Brand new pot cookbook hits the markets and apparently it should be a hit seller within the Californian community...I have no idea why...but apparently it's tipped to be a best-seller.
Mother dresses kid in drag for halloween, kid has good time, press had bad time, mother names kid gay on her blog...nice.
New breakthrough in Cancer research, fuck yes!
Apparently rabbit food awakes sexual not eat rabbit food.
In slightly sad news, Bioware's Star Wars MMO, probably won't make any money whatsoever.
So I hope you're enjoying your Sunday or your day in general, I'll be back in a few hours to link to the first few chapters of what I've been working on for NanoWriMo, have a great day.
Finally, fans of That Guy with The Glasses and haters of Twilight, on November 12th, the Distressed Watcher will be bringing down the pain of the Twilight saga...

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