Thursday, November 4, 2010

Morning Roll Call 4/11

To those of you international folks and late-night workers I apologise for no Dawn Patrol, but it was for two reasons. I didn't get home last night till a little before midnight and there just wasn't too much to post, however, this morning, there is plenty, so let's get to it :D

In fairly big, extra long movie news, someone has used the clips of Arnie Schwarzenegger's 80's classic Commando to make the big guy sing, kinda Pogo style, but you know....MANLY
Eli Roth, creator of the Hostel and Cabin Fever series, is unsurprisingly working on another horror film, Psycho Killer, about a serial killer travelling and murdering across country until one of the victim's wives takes charge. With a script from Andrew Kevin Walker (Fight Club, Seven), this might turn out to be a worthwhile Roth flick.
For those of you looking forward to Due Date, a new redband trailer has come online and it actually gives away a bit more of the plot, if you're too lazy to look it up on IMDB or even too lazy to click a link in a blog.
Lionsgate now owns the rights to Judge Dredd, which means they too can be..thelaw. Danny Boyle has cast his next movie, Frankenstein and fans of the recent TV series, Sherlock, will be more than happy to see who.
In more Brit movie news, Michael Caine and Ray Winstone will be in a new Sci-Fi movie, Henry 5, who's plot may intrigue some :D
and in Harry Potter news....POTTTTTTER!!!!
Pictured: Misguided  hate and why you shouldn't hold grudges...although he is Alan Rickman
For those of you like me, excited for the next Coen Bros film, True Grit, Paramount has changed it's Christmas release date to the 22nd of December.
For those of you who have no idea what True Grit is, enjoy the trailer:

In I have a fear of heights news....fuck this

Star Wars fans and Prop 19 voters alike will love this story of a girl in Los Angeles who freaked out about her family finding her weed and decided to hide it in a tiny R2D2. That is the whole story and if you're not laughing right now, probably should find the heroin you stash in your Greedo figurine and shoot-up first.
A classic woman's magazine shows how a woman should behave on a date and it's quite lolworthy, if not sexist.
A new anti-piracy technology which shines Infra-red lights into movie theatres to catch people using camcorders will go in trial in the US in a few months. Quite crafty stuff, but for some reason I feel like they could have thought of this earlier, it's just a bit of reverse-engineering...maybe they were deciding how much to charge, because the infra-red not only picks up pirates but also human emotions and reactions and these said reactions can be sold off to the highest bidder and used to make movies, pssst I can tell you one thing, if you ratched up the soundtrack and then pause, then make a huge spike in the soundtrack, it'll scare people.
In video game news, Kinect has gone on alot better than microsoft predicted and are currently loving the money they're getting, but I imagine this will continue only through to Christmas then drop off. What people don't realise with the Wii that not only was it marketability to sell the product, but after the initial sales, it was word of mouth and people playing it at friend's houses which kept the big N in power and the ability to print money.
In more Nintendo news, check out this wicked Goldeneye Wii trailer.

In I'm not sure if this is video game news or just a reality show stunt, Hulk Hogan is doing an ad for DefJam yeah...if you like the Hulkster, there you go.
In Resident Evil news, a new trailer is out for Damnation (see below) and it's creator said he is fucking done with the series. In the past, Keiji has said he's hated his job and was hoping to retire after creating Dead Rising.

For important medical research, someone has actually listened to a Nickelback album...the entire album, not just a few tracks to be ironic....the effects are terrifying.
For those of you who thought Craigslist was just for getting a BJ at 3 am, a man has been arrested for citing hate speech and threatening to kill Obama...shoulda asked for a BJ.
Speaking of Obama, he recently apologised for calling Republican's 'enemies', Republican's still haven't apologised for calling Obama a racist, a Kenyan, a socialist, an elitist, an Un-American.....
In kinda crazy tech news, company 3M have deployed some 7000 employees to Microsoft to work on Windows 7 and upcoming Microsoft products.
In why news...China has Crab vending's that environmental problem going?
In I got nothing drag...singing Beyonce's Sweet Dreams...enjoy.
Well that was a doozy of a post, expect two posts this afternoon because I'm bored, it's raining and I have nothing better to do...also heaps of stories I couldn't cover.
And finally, this guy loves Pokémon....seriously.

I have another post planned in an hour and a half and hope you stick around, have a great day no matter where you at.

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