Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today in Cute, Pwn and Funny 4/11

The oatmeal has a new comic, panda's are adorable, Bieber is Hitler and a few funny pics here and there.
I love (as you can see from my front page) and one of the best has to be Philosoraptor.
And remember, there's cute, and then there is Panda cute.
A guy makes his own Iron Man costumes and that is awesome...if you disagree...go make one.

Also Donald Fett is awesome.
James Franco is such a bro, here is 127 facts for the man in 127 hours.
In this joke is old news, this joke is old.

The Oatmeal is awesome...always awesome
For all you aspiring rappers out there, peeing on yourself is no way to win a Rap Battle.

Rapper Pees On Himself During Battle - Watch more Funny Videos
If you plan on taking health advice from may deserve the disease you have.
Cracked is almost always funny and here is the recent Photoshop contest based around better movie twists.
Someone screwed up my sports results.

Yahtzee, a fellow Aussie, and a much smarter man, is someone who needs no introduction...despite what I just did.
I've actually started reading this guy's work and while he's no Charlie Brooker, he's got some great ideas and opinions on US TV.
If you're a fan of Street Fighter, you might enjoy this
Also, Freddiew, an incredibly talented YouTube star known for his high visual effects and hilarious videos is currently doing a US tour and doing some amazing videos with his fans...hope he comes Down Under one day, or he gets picked up by a studio.

Another fairly funny guy, WineKone, known for just plain dirty humour and a nerdy misdemeanour, has a new video too.

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