Sunday, November 14, 2010

Afternoon Dump 14/11

So I decided to go ahead with this because I needed to take a break from Translator, which I'm already a fuckton behind and if my calculations are correct I need to be at least 5000 words deep by tomorrow....fffffffffff
anyway, here's the news.
In tech news, Microsoft owns the patent to use your feet whilst working. I don't think using your feet can be implemented well into a computer-based system, other than kicking the shit out of your tower when it dies on you for the 12th time that day.
Gaming stores are essentially thinking of not stocking any Steam supported games due to the crushing blow it usually takes on the PC market. Companies such as Best Buy, Walmart and even a few UK retailers have threatened to remove the games off the market indefinitely, which is kinda unfair to those who just wanna play games without the annoyance of an internet connection. It's just leading a greater hand into the arms of the pirates.
In slightly frightening news, apparently all our oil will run out before we even get a good chance to let solar, wind or nuclear power burn us to death or spoil us
Facebook has almost taken over Google in terms of daily visitors and especially in corporate intake as well as stranglehold on the information super highway (remember when the internet was called that?)
In school news,, parents and teachers are fucking idiots...I don't really have much to say about either of these stories other than, fucking fix your shit up!
Music has always been an uphill battle to trying to NOT seduce kids into listening to their catchy beats and lyrical exchanges. I mean, in Forks...wait
You mean...
Oh you poor people.
Apparently Bush is a thief and not just a regular war criminal, as his recent book Decision Points has come out and people have noticed sections have been lifted from his Advisers book.
In shut the fuck up news, Dear Republican party , stop trying to scare people for fucking sad and depressing and stupid reasons.
Tampon Bombs. Seriously?
In fairly funny news, here are some pro-smoking warnings

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