Friday, November 19, 2010

Morning Roll Call 19/11

Well, I had a very restless night thanks to drunken relatives who don't know how emotions work or the fact that there is a wall separating me sleeping at 1:30 in the morning and them not shutting the fuck up.
And I know I haven't been posting pics like I used to, so here is what I go through most mornings:

I work hard dammit!
So what have we missed today?
Well, I mentioned yesterday that the director of Oldboy Park Chan-Wook, was in talks for making his US debut and he will be. He is adaptating a Stoker novel, Wentworth Miller and plans for it to be released will be in 2011.
In Why? news, apparently Cats & Dogs 2 is on the shortlist for being nominated for an Animated Oscar...I believe the film was live-action or is the Oscar for just kids films...well apparently not as Toy Story 3 is going for the big one this year.
In weed news, three soldiers tried to get a bunch of weed from a dispensary before being accidentally locked in and then found by a security team  (and camera) later on.
In Dark Knight Rises news, Tom Hardy may be Huge Strange, master of psychology and zombie creator, in the next movie, but of course, like all rumours we will probably turn out ot be idiots. I think the fact that Hugo Strange being in B3 is fantastic and could really play up the psychological aspect of Wayne's psyche and how TDK's actions effected him.
In fuck off news, Paranormal Activity 3 is coming next October...yep...that's happening.
Disney is making a film called Hovercar 3D which is alright, I guess, I mean one of the best 3D scenes I've seen all year was some of the flying sequences in How To Train Your Dragon.
An ex-Sony boss has claimed that the possibility of the two juggernauts Sony and Microsoft to join forces is imminent. I think that Nintendo's stranglehold on the gaming world is more due to their friendly and family-orientated image, which both of the two rivals have tried to capture and often failed. Whether or not this quote is based on Nintendo's might in the console race is more about who probably owns the power, Sony could definitely help Microsoft come into the Japanese market and Microsoft would be able to provide the advertising and hype machine behind Sony products.
Robert Downey Jr. may have dropped out of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, but he has picked up a film How To Talk To Girls, which will definitely hit the silent boy niché next fall.
London Olympic Stadium has been completed just under two years before the events have started. I remember the last Olympics with the Chinese stadium being finished days before the actual events, whether or not the actual stadium itself is stable, we'll know soon with the English doing their strength tests. They get a bunch of Soccer Hooligans to jump and fight on it and see how much the steel bends.
First of all, I love the focus of this piece on taxpayers rather than the fact sexual predators were at a summer camp teaching children. So recently a summer camp was set up for homeless children and orphans, and they were all being lead by a paedophile...WHO HAS PAID FOR WITH TAX PAYERS MONEY, OHHH NOOOOO! Really shows that human safety doesn't really draw a card any more.
Hewlett Packard are investing in motion and physical sensors to expand their company. Good, now they can know when I went to grab their shit printers and photocopiers and toss them against the wall...and how it makes me feel.
Sarah Palin has said she can beat Obama in 2012. I did not know there was presidential boxing, but apparently there is.
A Denny's was destroyed on Halloween night....with a FOOOOD FIGHT! Video in the link.
Angry Birds sequel will be created soon and will be from the perspective of the pig...oh and they've got a TV series coming.
In the phillipines, a woman was sentenced to 100 lashes after having sex out of her marriage...go the Phillipines!
Apparently if you smoke and have children, they will be criminals...okay then.
Apparently China swallowed a massive 15% of the world's internet traffic for 18 minutes a few days ago when someone IP hacked A LOT of servers.
And finally, a couple has been arrested for stealing a scooter from Walmart and driving 2mph down the road.

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