Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morning Roll Call 16/11

Morning, in a great mood because I got up early and I had some great fun in TF2 this morning, so here we go:
'Someone's been listening to the new Girl Talk album'

A video posted a few days ago featured a very racist woman and whilst the common outcry is that the person is just ignorant and was probably taught wrong, nobody really bothers to teach or help these people. I've always felt education is important, if not for studying or employment purposes, at least to get a broader perspective of the world.
AOL's Project Phoenix has taken flight and looks a bit similar to GMail, I'm sure the people in the US still with AOL or who like their service, will take enjoyment in having it.
In science news, a lizard has given a virgin birth proving scientifically men are pretty much redundant other than fixing lawn mowers, opening jars and crushing cockroaches.
A kid stole a video game and basically went across several county's just to get away with it. I guess you could say he committed Grand 'Grand Theft Auto'....
Ever wanted to know how much power the PS3 exclusives actually use?...well who cares because someone hacked it again.
In weird politics news, Bush says he would have endorsed Obama if he asked...which he mighten have, people often try and keep their hand out of Bush...and now laugh...
Also Obama has put a few companies on the waiver on the ObamaCare system.
Reggie Fils Aime, or the bad ass American who represents Nintendo, says the world shouldn't hold it's breathe for a new console or add-on for the Wii any time soon. It feels as though Nintendo has been the only console this generation that hasn't had to change it's image or try and pretend video games are not for everyone or more specifically a toy.
Apparently phones are slowly becoming redundant in the texting and mobile world, which is kinda okay, because 90% of phone companies have their fingers already in the social networking department.
In Video Game Easter Egg news, Black Ops has a NukeTown and guess who has bighead mode?

In fuck yeah news, a mom lost her two kids, went to Europe, Deathwish-style and got her sons back.
Facebook has bought up the domain FB.com for their email service, which is pretty good, a tiny url for a probably gigantic email service.
In Australia sucks news, we banned a gay zombie movie, because we're a bunch of Christian moral faggots.
Speaking of Christian morality, we need to do what's right for people and not for an invisible man in the sky.

Wolverine 2 is now called
Darren Aronofsky, a fantastic director, has taken up the directing role and plans on throwing Origins out the window is a great idea.
Speaking of new films, check out this poster of Cowboys vs. Aliens.

In a mix of weird and theatrical, here are some first shots of the Spidey musical.
Underworld 4 now has a directed...I didn't even know Rise of the Lycans did well, but I guess it was enough to warrant another shitty vampire film.
The FBI has caught up with a man who decided to drop off the face of the earth but was found recently and convicted of kidnapping.
In good financial tech news, executives have been given a 30% pay rise and employees an extra 10% for working at Google.
In a bout of humility, Naughty Dog has named Ico one of the greatest Playstation games of all time, I have to admit I loved Crash Bandicoot back in the day, not a fan of the Jak series and Uncharted is pretty much The Boss.
In fucking retarded news, Video Games do not cause Rickets, no matter what 'The Sun' says
In slightly fucking bullshit news, Fast Five (yes, The Fast & The Furious 5...featuring The Rock) has been bumped up to a release date whilst The Thing prequel has been pushed back, oh well.
In not so bad news, Logan's Run remake delayed due to a lack of a diector.
And finally, these Dalek's are dust:

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