Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning Roll Call 12/11

It is morning, it is a beautiful morning and by that I mean, my album has been downloaded a few times. Share it with friends, play it at parties and enjoy that shit.
So enough about me, what's been happening today?
A recent reports have come out saying that Democrats prefer shows with characters with 'damaged goods' characters, republicans like winners, but both of them like Rocky, so who cares...I don't really like Rocky. It's good and it's sweet but it's got nothing else really.
In movie news, Winnie The Pooh is back motherfuckers!
Because I'm an idiot and insensitive, I didn't even realise it was Remembrance Day yesterday till I saw it on late night news after an ep of 30 Rock, I'd already seen. A Vietname Vet has been quite upset at TreyArch for releasing the game Black Ops when they did...oh's a different day, it's the day before...huh...
Happy Madison, Adam Sandler's production company, has hired a writer for the short film Pixels they have bought and will be turned into a movie and it will be awesome.
America has been targetting not only pot users, but fake pot users. Shit is getting out of hand, just roll a blunt, pass it round, share the love....oh and stop busting up pot comps.
A blogger is apparently suing a Googler for sexual assault...on her blog...kden. I don't doubt her claims, I just didn't know it was possible.
One of my favourite movies of all time finally got a musical...Office Space:

EMBED-Office Space - The Musical - Watch more free videos
Apparently there is a burger joint in the US called In N Out burger, and they have a secret menu. These guys ordered everything on it...everything now not so secret.
Teen girls are more likely to not be protected when losing their virginity...what is with US teen girls, for fucks sake, have you not seen what has happened to your whorish idols?...can you see how unhappy they are?
In frightening news, how the fuck will we know when the internet is over?
You will see my body hanging from the highest tree on the darkest day...,0,4999462.story
Speaking of things already dead,The RIAA have created this handy guide to nick music from the internets.
In more oops news, PETA will be sponsoring Lindsay Lohans Rehab...kden
Look at her happiness!
Harmonix, creators of Rock Band, have been put up for sale by Viacom due to the fact they probably didn't get the expected return on RB3...which I am kinda eagerly the same way I'm eagerly awaiting a job.
In fantastic news, Tetris apparently helps people with traumatic flashbacks...which is good...because I play a lot of Tetris to help with the time I was at a construction site and they were building the world's largest tower with coloured bricks....
In unsurprising news, probably 1 in 10 kids have ADHD, this is
A Canadian woman was arrested yesterday after being unable to blow into a breathalyser due to her botox. It's a good defence, but how was she able to tell her defense? If you can breathe, you can blow.
In more enlightening news, I really fucking want Call of Duty: Black Ops....also it beat MW2
In conspiracy theory news, apparently, mega corporations are trying to nick all our water.
Obama is absolutely loving his trip overseas and has said the country is an inspiration for their unity and meanwhile, at home, Obama's administration are trying to make sure the gays in the military get their way and I whole-heartedly support them.
Whilst I'm not currently at Uni, but I feel like I am getting fat already, so here are a few ways of those starting next year can keep off the freshman 15...stop drinking a good one. Stick to Vodka
And finally,
...this is dirty...

Have a great day everyone.

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