Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Afternoon Dump 3/11

How's your day been?
I put in a job application for a few places and handed in my last assessment for University, feels awesome man. So what has been happening today?
Well, maths teachers are suddenly cool, Apple corners an obvious market, caffeine is killing everyone, an awesome dude saves a falling kid in Paris and this puppy wuvs you.

Too be honest that puppy more than likely would rather see you opening a can of dog food than love you...but he still does :3

This video had me lolling for a while and made me wish my teachers were that entertaining.
In more student news, a bunch of kids stole the head of a giraffe and are now in trouble...who knew giraffe heads were detachable.
A dude in Paris, just a passerby, caught a baby which fell from a seventh-story window, dude is a fucking king for being an accidental opposed to the movie accidental hero, which contains no kings.
In Apple news, the iPad has a very large percentage of the tablet market...surprising no one...except the small percentage who live in a delusional world made up of SUPER STURGEON LAW, as opposed to Sturgeon's Law, their law dictates that everything but what they own is crap.
For all you coffee drinkers out there, STOP!
Because one guy in England (I thought they only drank tea) died of a caffeine overdose, of course this story is in no relation to this one, in which 5 kids have been admitted to hospital for drinking retarded alcoholic energy drinks and getting alcohol poisoning.
In redneck celebrity news, Miley Cyrus' mum has probably sucked Bret Michael's dick...which is why Miley's mum has decided to divorce Billy Ray.
Take that Miley!
Speaking of forgettable TV, remember the movie Practical Magic? Well apparently there is a TV show based on it coming soon.
In movie news, Dorothy of Oz is looking out to be pretty fucking sweet and Hugh Laurie is gonna be in a new movie for all you ladies who love da House...or really well-done British comedy....also another movie, but it just sounds creepy but kinda interesting. Oh and Jack Black is in Gulliver's trailer is out and the film will probably sell pretty well, be moderately funny and will be forgotten quite quickly.
This isn't it. This is Elastigirl as Dorothy for Halloween, I just wanted a reason to post it. Found it randomly
EA & Facebook are now dating as the two companies are having advertising talks at the moment to start making more and more money, yay video games!
Speaking of strange things in a relationship and McDonalds in a way to make patriotism as obnoxious as their advertising, a manager has told their employees to vote for the 'Right People' in today's election.
However, their right people include a gigantic bird, a thief and a purple thing who no one knows what the fuck it is. Also best proposition since Prop 19, Prop 1069, so awesome, read it!
Apparently the Republican's are all set to take over the world...I mean the House of Representatives, whether or not they'll get in will probably be known at about 6 or 7 tonight when I'll be too busy...trying to get friends in Melbourne to try and get a question to Hilary Clinton.
In sexy sex news, apparently oral sex is a gateway drug to other forms of sex (thanks CNN) and that saying certain things in bed is a bad thing. Not really a surprise, but I've done one of these things and it turned out better than expected.
I feel terrible because all I had to do to find this image was type banana and girl into Google.
In more legal drug related news, Smoking apes apparently know, don't smoke, don't have caffeine, don't have apes...where you smoke.
Pictured: Worst mascot, ever
In Canada kinda sucks news, a Canadian mum has been charged with stealing drugs from her 12-year-old son who has using an IV tube.
In more sucky news, an autistic student was told to play in a wire cage...for fun...fucking brilliant.
And finally in nerdy news, Trekkie's apologised to about something which doesn't really matter in the real world.
Can you see why I put the puppy up this morning?
My eyes have been painful all morning so I'll be reading Haunted by Chuck Palahunuk and resting my eyes till the afternoon, I hope I get another thousand words done for 'Translator'
Hope you guys are going well with it and have an awesome day.
Cute puppy from here originally.

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