Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Morning Roll Call 3/11

I get eye strain, like fairly other normal people and this morning I decided instead of bursting from my grey bed covers that I'd read for a while and let the morning soak me into itself, rather than my eyes soaking into bursts of light from my laptop, and I gotta say, it felt good and writer-ly (coz that's a word)
Now to all my friends who are hastily finishing their projects for the year, you have come this far and this is exactly what you need right now:

MGMT - Congratulations found on Pop

In Scott Pilgrim related news, Edgar Wright is going to be in Toronto and New York soon to promote the movie and the Blu-Ray release (which I really hope they sell well). This morning I was welcomed by a new remix (and visual effects feature) and have found that I have enjoyed all the remixes by Osymyso and this one is no different.

In people who are smarter than me news, Alex from London has made a new video and his band has reached the British charts. I may never actually reach any musical heights or have a long running YouTube series in which I read Twilight, am amusing or have fan girls or all of the, that's not incredibly's a funny video:

Also alot funnier and smarter than me: Elaine Carrol.
Who is the creator of Very Mary Kate: A daily chronicle of the life of Mary Kate Olsen, shit is hilarious and can be viewed here.
In movie news: Ghostbusters 3 is fucking on!
Now I'm holding out for Gremlins and Wayne's World 3 and my childhood trilogies will be complete.
I love the constants stores that if Murray was coming back he'd wanna be killed off early and that he'd return as a ghost which I whole-heartedly support because it's in the vein of the series.
Oh and Conan's reboot has a release date...if you care or whatevz...
Jon Faveru...Feveru...director of Iron Man series and star of Made, is worried how his big budget Cowboys and Aliens will fair against the horror which June 2011 will bring. I feel the best thing for Jon to do would be push it into a August-September release to capitalise on the fall end of school holidays feel, the film will probably be PG-13 anyway.
More clips from Tron have made it online and I am feverishly counting the release date as well as the Daft Punk soundtrack....also did you know Space Paranoids is now online?

Oh and did you know they were making a sequel to Valentine's Day? Do you even remember Valentine's Day? Good...that's how it should be.
In Australia sucks news:....we fucking suck.
This whole...waaah we need a re-election business is just fucking annoying and I find the basis for it constantly unjust. However, the opinion is probably just a majority of people on one side going waaah, rather than both sides going that's democracy.
For all you UK and Aussie folk...or just anyone not from the US, your elections are coming up and all I can say is...don't give them the keys back.
I don't mind if you're Republican, whatsoever, and that previous sentence clearly shows, but I just really don't like stupid people in power who make bad decisions, not really all Republicans, but the majority (from this clearly left point of view, I just come off as a big wanky lefty, don't I?) seems to be that the waah-ing is coming from Democrats over the consistent bludgeoning messages from  the Obama administration regarding how important it is that everyone just get out and vote, in general, instead of being assertive like the Republican voters (I'm ambidextrous).
Also in Californian news, I may have mentioned Prop 19 in my early morning post and for those who have no idea what it is or just got a vague idea for it, here's an infographic...I wonder if I got anyone from California uo in here?
In genuinely important news, Movember started a few days ago and because I can grow facial hair I'll be quite proud and donating for anyone who wants to be sponsored and I have a few dollars on me and it all goes to a good cause.
For those of you with Twitter, you guys have ads now. I don't, but it's interesting to see people who are just spammers and who will actually make money. I remember reading a few news reports earlier this year that they were hesitant about it and how they'd reached a point of celebrity fame and are in the Alexis Top 20 so they only really had one option to go with when you're successful and popular...oh no one's killed themselves?
Oh just the ads.
Something I almost forgot, but CD's were once gigantic malware fucksups, put on their by the companies themselves.
Sony BMG and Universal, unlike some other companies and media creators, did aware with the DRM for digital media and they've never looked back with profits going quite well. Although this picture did make me laugh last week if the internet ever died on us.
Speaking of Video Games and security, Goldeneye Wii and Call of Duty Black Ops have apparently leaked online and their respective companies are trying to snatch it up anywhere they can find it.
For all you MJ fans out there, the MJ experience games, comes with A FREE GLOVE. I know that sounds like I'm mocking it, but I love MJ and that shimmering glove was something I always wanted.
In John Carmack is talking out his ass news, John Carmack...still talking out his ass.
And finally, I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and this news story kinda made me intrigued on the science behind it.
Also this sweet hip-hop track from Jay Electronica (who is married to Erykha Badu) that uses samples and bits from the original soundtrack which has been pumping through my iTunes for a week.
HAVE AN AWESOME DAY AND DON'T TALK OUT OF YOUR I have done multiple times here.
And finally, an awesome fan-made trailer based around the Twisted Metal character: Sweet Tooth

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