Saturday, October 30, 2010

ZOMBIES are incredibly important...
With AMC's The Walking Dead airing tonight in the US, Newsweek published a great article about the great zombie uprising which has occurred in the past few years.
Zombies represent an inbuilt fear many people fear, other than death itself, but the fear of masses of people, of crowds and of society itself breaking down. The cannibalistic nature of zombies is the disturbing realisation of humanity coming to terms with eating itself and it's own prejudices. Romero's classic (original) Dead trilogy exemplifies the nature of man on the brink of destruction. Perfectly polarised in the end sequence of Night of the Living Dead (SPOILER ALERT), in which the remaining survivor (a black man, nonetheless, which brings up a whole other subtext) is killed having been mistaken for being undead.

A melancholic end, regardless of whether you're a horror fan, the ending shows the representation of a society accepting its faults, even when it comes down to killing themselves.

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