Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dawn Patrol 3/11

Simply because I don't wanna post this at 3 in the morning and I also didn't want to post this before I went to bed, here is an early morning roll call for you people who are staying up late or are simply in a different country, I love you international viewers whoever you are :)
So what happened whilst I slept?
Well, Tommy Chong is a fan of weed, your body loves and hates you when you make a mistake, Green man gets a job and Apple is still making a metric fuck ton of money.
I personally don't use marijuana, but to be honest as I stated yesterday, the world would be a lot better (and possibly a lot funnier) with pot users than alcohol users. The amount of revenue it will bring in, the less people crowded in the jail system, the amount of good it will do for well-being and the increase in sales for late night food joints and DVD sales for Caddyshack, one of the funniest movies of all time, will go through the roof.
A Message from Tommy Chong About Prop 19

Cheech & Chong | Myspace Video

In cute kitty news:

And now the sad story behind said cute kitty's:
In movie news, another book adaptation has intrigued me more than the film adaptation.
Starring Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner, a story which sounds like a mix between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Box, has two actors who are consistent in being able to pull off both realistic and fantastic portrayals and the book The Odd Life of Timothy Green is more than likely being added to my distended reading list.
Now the SAW series is over, it's time for more gore with Leatherface 3D....yay...totally...yeah, not giving a shit.
Snow White and the Huntsman...yep, that's a movie, it's gonna be directed by the guy who made the incredibly graphic, The Cell and the beautifully unknown and underrated, The Fall.
And in other news, The Rock, sorry Dwayne Johnson, is still making movies....but not for Disney.
In Apple news, the history of iTunes and the iPod has been pixalised for future generations to come:
In e-news:
Jon Stewart was asked the question at the rally by Reddit's creator asking how much importance the internet had on the rally, to which Jon Stewart replied...Nope.jpg
I mean, Stewart's response could be considered as a comical remark in regard to Reddit or the internet in general, but the fact of the matter is that the people who turned up and the people who vote in a few days are the real people who matter.
I'm just gonna admit now, I've never killed anything in Minecraft, coz I'm a pussy. But I love playing it and I love the culture and I love building, mining and stories that friends and I have made just from playing it for hours on end.
Bitches be crazy, but because men be assholes. Seriously you don't need any of these 13 products...but you know, might help...with...something, I dunno.
Always sunny fans might recognise this guy:
which is apparently a new type of ethinicity*
Ever wanted to know what a VD looks like...and by VD, I mean Virtual Desktop, here you go :D
Apparently your body knows you better than Google...I mean, your mind, which makes sense because the second I feel like I'm about to type a typo I get an urge to kill which means if I ever get an iPhone, you'll be able to follow my updates not only online but with a series of dead bodies in my textual wake.

*I am a liar, an incredibly overweight liar

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