Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're Back: Not a Dinosaur story

I know only about 10 people come to the site daily, so this isn't really news to anyone, but I'm nearly over my chest infection, my family crisis is still on-going, I'm almost sick of playing video games and taking cough syrup (syzzurp) and I've failed NanoWriMo. I got up to 30 000 words and even now looking at it, whilst I'm happy with what I have, I know that the book/novel/delusion was going to be at least 75 000 to 100 000, I was barely nearing a 1/3 where I was at. I did hope someone enjoyed reading it with all the typo's and such.
Anyway, I will be starting some updates tomorrow morning and a small piece about the 10 things I've learnt from playing video games this year and 10 things I've learnt from music this year (due Wednesday)
So to everyone who actually reads or was waiting for something, I thank you dearly.
In the mean time, I hope this poster and song brings back fond memories, which have not been dashed by a man named Doug:

Christ, that shot of the Twin Towers is ominous with dinosaurs next to it....

I only just remembered the movie was based on a book.

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