Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Late Edition 21/11

My day has taken a strange turn of events and I am LANing again tonight with some bro's. We've got some good 360 games including CoD Blops and we plan on hitting up Nazi zombies hard, as well as some TF2, if you're on Internode later on tonight, you might see me pop up, okay now lets get to some news, but first, this squirrel has to pay the IRS for Nut Collection Taxes:
Twin Peaks, a boob-related restaurant in Dallas, Texas is going under a lawsuit because Hooters is claiming copyright and patent on any boob-related restaurants in existence which my idea for Cleavage Crushers, as a snow cone vending place may be put on the shelf.
A well known molecule may hold the secret to all your boozing desires. Apparently the molecule helps with your heart as it processes alcohol, it increases the strength of your heart movements.
In a win for enviroinmentalists, the electric car has done over 16000 miles across the US. The little car that could was travelling, charging and has shown it's testament for being a legitamate vehicle and possibly removing some of the 'electric cars are gay' stigma.
Google is currently throwing it's hands in the air and letting money rain down on everyone in the Twitterverse, as the company has provided a bid to purchase the little annoying company for somewhere between 2.5 billion and 4 billion. Finally, they've found a way to make Twitter get rid of it.
The Public Isolation Project, a small initiative started in Oregon, earlier this year, has finally come through with results as people were set up to see what would happen with the effects of isolating people in a small community. For any fans of the Stanford Experiment or people who live in gated communities, the research isn't too surprising...except you know, without the rape or murder.,,20443685,00.html
In earth-shattering news, a kiss with Emma Watson is 'okay'....oh and Harry Potter will be (hopefully) the highest grossing film of 2010.
In partially meh news, an Aquaman movie is coming in like 2013. The actual details of many pseudo-profitable superheroes begins next year with Green Hornet and Green Latern as being huge risks in the movie world as we've covered pretty much every remarkably popular superhero/comic book series, even the Citizen Kane of comic books.
And finally, this cat will fucking kill everyone.
Have a great night.

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