Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pirate news.....RRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH, you know the joke....

Nothing to do with the Johnny Depp/Disney vehicle I mentioned previously but there are two piracy news stories that really caught my eye this morning, both fairly interesting and hilarious.
First of all Google is gonna be cracking down on piracy by not simply removing it completely, much like when the DMCA ruling was passed over a decade ago, but will be altering their search engine so any form of financial profit from piracy (or probably just piracy sites with ads) will be probably be sent to the bottom of the Google Search Results List. The actual chance that this will work is quite substantial considering that when people have found the awesome song Rapunzel by Drapht, they're also usually trying to figure out whether a mediafire rip of the Aussie artist's upcoming album is released. The dude is a fairly awesome independent artist and you should be buying his tracks off iTunes or give him $20 when you see him....however, apparently one of the reason it's taking long for his album to be released is the sample is severely copywritten and is gonna be lots of money to get it cleared.
Do you know what this?

Basically, anyone who heard any coverage from the most recent World Cup know that the Vuvuzela is one of the highest ranking instrument in the entire Decibel Range of Annoying, but one thing you wouldn't think would be associated with it would be the late and great Michael Jackson.

The game's pirated copies use the code to check whether the game is inside certain cartridges and then plays the Vuvuzela sound over any track you actually play. Ubisoft, the developers, have not released an official statement on the actual situation but it's so hilarious and ripe that I can do nothing but sit back and slow clap until someone releases a patched version on this Elite Beat Agents clone cash-in.

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