Friday, December 10, 2010

Eat Twinkies, Lose Weight

In what could be the greatest scientific discovery since we found the song-writing troll in Justin Beiber's hair, a Nutrition Professor, Mark Haub, from Kansas State University has sustained and lost 40 pounds from eating Twinkies and Doritos. Supplementing his diet with junk foods, the nutrition professor has found that with the right balance one can find a perfect creation of a Twinkie Dorito Sandwich.*
I've often found, being a fat guy, that exercise, persistence and eating right really helps and that often diet and exercise crazes can only get you so far. I was actually 10kg heavier at the beginning of this year and whilst 10kg isn't a significant amount of weight, I plan on losing another 10 next year at the  very least, so in about 9 years, I'll be down to a size 0.
*this is not true

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