Monday, November 1, 2010

Call of Duty draws from the well, for the LULZ

Call of Duty may have sold me on getting their games the only way they know how; Zombies! I'm not a fan of Call of Duty, mainly because I'm not great at the multiplayer, but mainly because it's often over hyped and usually has a terrible fan base. However, one thing that usually sells me is the storyline (which often rips off a movie or two) and the zombies.
World at War's worthwhile feature of playing against Nazi Zombies have kept me and several friends captivated for hours. The strategy, the gore and the ridiculum - a word I just made up - helped us get over boredom and doing assignments for hours.
The new secret level is basically at the end of Black Ops and basic selling point, has Nixon, Kennedy, Fidel and other some other people in talks over the upcoming Cuban Missile Crisis, when suddenly zombies come out of the ground, smash through the windows and the aweomeness begins.
Not Pictured: Awesomeness
I might not actually buy the game but just look at the clips on YouTube which will pop up only hours after the game's release.

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