Monday, November 1, 2010

Starwhacking: Not a new form of masturbation

Randy Quaid, the much more famous brother of Dennis Quaid, has come out recently saying that adding to the conspiracy of the 27 Club, Starwhacking, is what is happening to our greatest stars.

The many celebrities who have died in our past 2 years, including Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and David Carradine, have been claimed as being apart of a group of people who have been killed just for being famous.
Of course, this is another long line of people who have noticed patterns in things and decided that it is instantly a conspiracy theory. Things happen for a reason, is probably the worst thing to say, when the worst thing has happened, but saying they're just random, doesn't makes any victim or grieving person feel better. I think Quaid's  reaction is human at the very least and to say he's mad or a crackpot would be falling into the stereotype that most comic actors (who have had little work) are bored, depressed or are mentally ill.
But having Quaid say this shortly after this Cracked article can't really bode well with the man's reputation, but the man is upset at the very least and not mad. Now, if he starts pushing for another ID4 movie, where he comes back as a drunk ghost or he starts shitting in people's chimney's at Christmas, then we got something else entirely on our hands.

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