Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileaks has a posse declared war on Mastercard and a few other people who were slowly pulling away from the internet's version of the ending to Watchmen (the comic) and taking any form of funding away from the information leaking awesomeness.
Not Pictured: Ending of Watchmen
The first time I heard about Wikileaks properly is when the internet in Australia was slowly becoming a little less 'sharable' and our government was proposing a filter. The people at Wikileaks got the actual sites that were proposed on the black list. The news caught wind of it and showed how ridiculous the idea was when one of the sites in the filter was of a canteen information page for a school. From little I know, Wikileaks has endangered some people's lives and the most recent leak was of a few personal items from a few incredibly important leaders, but to be honest, I think of this as the reverse Patriot Act, essentially showing those in the US who put it in power and extended it outside of the US, and now they know how it feels to have their information out there.

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