Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tomb Raider to be rebooted

Being a 90's kid, this gaming goddess is critical to any gamer or teenage boy. Having her return in, what looks like, a gritty remake, isn't a bad idea. But I kind of liked what I saw from Guardian of Light and I heard some bad/mediocre things about the past games, well anything after 3. The developers seemed to have focused on more of an action orientated Lara more than anything else, which is good, it's where the gaming world was going in this age of Gears of Halo, cover, shoot, find enemy, cover, throw grenade, gratutitous shot, but people and the industry needs to grow up and I just hope the next generation or rather next year we will grab onto something much more fun or tangible.
For previous years, trends have gone as such:
2001 - Hey, let's make Halo
2002 - Violent/gory games are soooo mature
2003 - GTA3 is da bomb
2004 - Sequelitis/Handhelditis
2005 - The rise of the music game
2006 - The beginning of the end for motion games (i.e. Nintendo Wii launched)
2007 - Hey, let's make Gears of War
2008 - Hey, let's make GTA4
2009 - Hey, let's make motion controlled games
2010 - Hey, let's make some great Indie games/MINECRAFT

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