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Welcome back, you might have joined me again for one of two reasons, one, you wanted to see if you were mentioned or two, you actually enjoyed the story. Either way, enjoy :D

My father slipped me a twenty and I was on my way to Bruce's, despite a slight navigational mishap (missed a roundabout turn) I was quite content with how tonight was going. Whilst Bruce chewed my ear off with parental and life difficulties, where I would throw my opinion or just a nod or a 'yeah, I know' into the mix, I was thinking about how good my night would be. With Bruce there, I knew my parents would be downing alcohol like a prized pig at a redneck carnival. The noise would hit such heights that I'd probably be complaining to you or whoever I could find online. I found myself now not dredding tonight and I was extremely happy with the peanut chicken satay I made for dinner and was pleased with the tasty result and thinking I might try crunchy peanut butter rather than smooth next time.
Gluttony; thy name is Thai

The promise with the twenty dollars entitled not only me to be quite happy with the red magic paper but with also driving Bruce home after some time. I told my parents as I was leaving that it's fine if you call me whenever, but please make it after 9, I wouldn't mind having some fun, even if it's not too great.
Quarter to 8 rolled around and I texted Lara, telling her I was coming. I jumped into the car, threw on some Soulwax and sang to my heart's content and then noticed my phone flash. Lara wasn't exactly ready yet. I sent her: Still come :H. 
I have never sent her that emoticon and I don't know what it is. I also was trying to drive when I sent it...never ever safe. I got there just a tiny bit after 8 and was proud with my timing, even if it didn't sync up with hers. Her wonderful dog, Jordan was waiting contently by the window, barking at me looking at my reflection. I said Hello to Jordan in my I'm talking to a dog voice, which is some kind of fractured English and seems to be more condescending than an American tourist talking to a European.
Yes it is, yes it is

The door was unlocked and I let myself in. Lara's short pixie hair was still a bit wet and the black seemed to reflect her dim kitchen lights as she finished a plate of spaghetti. We made our pleasantries and she told me how she just jumped in the shower after I had made plans. She was glad she walked Jordan earlier that night, a chore she had to do daily, if not twice depending on her parents schedule. She is a an adorable dog with brown fur, light patches and has the most expression in an animal I've ever seen. Lara went upstairs to get dressed, brush her teeth, launch a missile, whatever women do while they make men wait. Jordan and I had a heart to heart talk on her couch. The dog's nose rested on me, I began to have a fairly one sided conversation about the role of women in relationships and the differing perceptions around monthly marks. I played with her ears and she gave me this odd look as if she had understood at least the word food when I mentioned about what dinner dates are like around the 6 month mark ("You're either dredding paying or you're dredding leaving").
And probably reciting bits word for word from this film to a dog. Why, yes I am lonely.
Lara came downstairs and questioned my conversation with her dog, I denied everything. We were on the road again and I told her my plan of maybe making an 'original' DJ track to get my name out there. It'd really be a remix of this song with me talk-singing over the track, convincing a girl to dance and following up a chorus saying:
Coz Everybody
Coz Everybody
Coz Everybody Gotta-motherfuckin'-dance
With some interchangables and repeaters in between. I came up with it earlier in the week being stuck in traffic and feeling so good about getting the shopping done. I began to move my shoulders to the beat and started going on about "Why you sittin' down? Where else you gonna do this? We all gotta do this now" and then it just lead to that...I'm not a songwriter or not much of one, but I might do that. Depends on how I feel about it before I go back to Uni.
Me sing-talking? My God I've become everything I hate!
Anyway, we talk for a little bit and we finally get to North Beach where the drumming is. Lara said when she went with her friend last time they parked at the Gamesmen, a small independent retailer, a kilometre away from the beach! I was like fuck that, I am the parking king, no one shall be better than I. She laughed and was not impressed by my overacting abilities. I found a park right in front of the Life Saving club, which is right up from the beach and it was perfect. I literally just drove straight forward and parked and I said "Everybody out". Lara seemed partially shocked at the existence of said space and laughed as we got out.
We get to the beach area, there's a long concrete block that follows down to the beach itself. There is a literally circle of drums and musicians all playing music, drumming to all different beats that has merged into this beautiful rhythm. Lara seemed a bit distracted and wasn't really paying too much attention until a shirtless guy began to set sticks on fire, twirling them and throwing it into the air. The warmth coming from the airborne stick was just intense and it was always noticable. Lara started taking shots of the twirling sticks and it creates this beautiful circle like an emblazened shot in time and this guy sticking through it in the light. She was quite content looking at the guys, she's a girl, I can't blame her. Or maybe she was just looking at the fire...either way, something hot.
Just making sure the female readers are paying attention.
Beside where we were sitting there was a family who was setting up old pots and pans and started playing with them getting into the entire beat. Due to my brain being wracked with anguish over things I know suck, the drums started sounding like bits and pieces of LCD Soundsystem's musical beats. I started thinking of all the lyrics and melding them together and I closed my eyes and started moving my head to them. I opened my eyes and Lara was vaguely staring at me, I shrugged my shoulders anohol like a prized pig at a redn my mum asking me to get wine.
My phone went off again.
The same text. My mum double texts especially when she's drunk. 
I told her I'm out and I just got here.
She sent back okay
Ten minutes later she sent the same text again.
I sent back, I'm still here and that Frances can probably get you something.
She sent back, she's drunk and have a nice night.
If only it was this peaceful

I sighed deeply and Lara asked me what was wrong and I told her what was happening, she said sometimes you gotta say no and I was right. Sometime's I'm too nice a guy, but to be 100% honest I went to M's party on Monday, went to Topher's on Tuesday...or Wednesday night, Thursday I was out at the Penny's and on the weekend I'd be in Sydney...I can't remember whErEsJtQ&postId=9114007634770sday?
But I started really getting into the whole vibe and then around 8:50, Frances texted me saying are you taking Bruce home now. I was so fucking angry, I'd barely been there no more than 30 minutes and I was like fuck off. It marred me a bit and after a series of texts I said I'd be back around 10. Just after 9:30, I sent a text to M saying "Hippies, Hippies Everywhere", she sent me a text replying, I'll be there soonish. I was really enjoying myself and watched a bunch of girls dance and set fire to a hula hoop type thing and swing'em. It was awesome, so awesome. The time flew by really really quickly, and before I knew it, it was 5 to 10. I sent a text to M saying I was heading and as Lara and I got up to leave there she was with two friends.
I said Hi and got a hug, an amazing rack so double greatness, she told me she was really high and I met her friend Carlson who was a one man joke-machine. Her usual guy, Jock, not a boyfriend, but not exactly a fuck buddy. I've realised that the way M has come into existence in the world of the opposite sex is some form of hippy girl with a punk look, to be a completely stereotyping dick. I was talking with my friend, Claire, an old high school friend and artiste, and she had known M for quite a while and there's been many a story of guys falling for the multi-haired vixen only to be severely disappointed by her approach to relationships. One guy in particular left a relationship of several years to be her boyfriend. So it goes...(I've been reading Slaughterhouse Five), as I was saying goodbye to M, Lara was talking to a bunch of people she had met before at Uni, one of the guys looked familiar but when Lara introduced me, there was no recognition, I could care less.
I know yo- No, ya don't *flee*

So heading back to the car we run into Bourne, an amazing writer who's distinct beret made me glad he'd never committed a crime or had to be in a criminal line up. The guy was quite happy to see Lara and I and hugged us both before heading towards the drum circle.
So with my disappointment that people were arriving as I was leaving I came to two conclusions:
1. Never arrive on time to a random event
2. Being disappointed with leaving early is common
The drive home was a bit awkward, Lara was content with me going home and driving Bruce home before, driving her home. I told her about Bruce and she already had met him once. I mentioned briefly about my disdain for him and she said she already knew that. Upon arrival home, I tried making a joke to lighten the mood, but it didn't really go well for me and I was a bit pissed off at the inebriated nature of my family and Bruce. He was actually pretty happy and said  that he didn't really wanna go because he knew I was having a good time. I brushed it off, to be honest my night wasn't exactly great. My shy nature and Lara's quietness just made my night so far being a mix between mediocre and eh.
I took Bruce home and I don't really wanna go into the detail but he invited Lara and I in. I could've cared less and I had made some notion toward Lara I really just wanted to get back, Lara didn't get the message and we spent half an hour looking through Bruce's knick knacks and aquatic creatures.
Why the fuck am I in a tank?! I'm a peaceful creature
It was 11 by the time we were back on the road again and I hit the freeway and told Lara of how much I really didn't wanna go into his house. It wasn't bad but for once in my life I had a better place to be. Lara was a bit down, but I cheered her up with the prospect of getting a guy and I told her I'd help her out. She laughed it off but subconscously I thought fuck it, why not? I know she's an ex and I often talk to her about how she needs to see someone about her problems, as do I, I plan on taking my own day, by the way, don't procrastinate.
So we get there and whilst the drum circle has died down, more people have arrived and scattered along the grassy knoll and the beach. I talked to M briefly and my awkward nature with me standing, my mouth opening and closing like one of those robotic fish without a sound card. I said Hi, another hug, and then I went over to Bourne who was smoking a hookah with a bunch of people. Due to my asthma, I could only smell what was puffing out of it. It was an apply-tobacco blend, reminded me a tiny bit of Children of Men's Strawberry Cough and then Bourne suggested Lara should try some of it and as my previous attempts to not get her to do things had been thwarted, I could care fucking less. I talked to Bourne briefly and that's when I came upon two friends/people...yeah, people, I met at M's party. A high schooler named Dani with a short stature, an unstoppable smile and purple hair and her friend Greg, a tall asian kid with a hell of a laugh.
I then found Holly, she was also on acid and was quite happy, she hugged me and told me Hayward was on the beach, I laughed and she pointed him out. I hugged her again and asked Lara if she wanted to join me, she was quite happy with seeing what someone on acid was like. I said it's not too amazing or too much, I've rarely seen the latter, so I was quite content with seeing how Hayward was doing. He's done it before and quite an experimenter. I remember when I told my sister about this earlier in the night and she remarked that it's not experimentation it's addiction, I sighed and shut the door.
Pictured: The perfect end to a conversation
So after doing a mix between a jog and a frequent trip-over (I was wearing thongs all night) and Hayward was sitting Indian style, and was quite civil. I said hey and he got up and said hey and hugged me, I introduced Lara, he introduced his fellow trippers who were on acid or something else. I asked how he was and about tomorrow, there was barely a reaction, I understood hugged him again and asked him to sit down, I told him I'd be right back.
To the left of the tiny circle, a small group of laughter and human civil engineering was beginning to form. I walked over and Lara kinda followed vigilantly. I asked what they were doing, a guy around the back of the small group said they were trying to organise a human pyramid. With the four people crouched on the ground, I found it quite obvious. Lara pulled out her camera and I counted the people and noticed they only had 9 people and I said "Don't you need 10 people?" the second tier had begun to form and I literally grabbed Lara's camera and pushed Lara to be the 10th. 
She was dumbfounded at first and then she got into it. Her small frame and her recent activities in climbing and running and I thought she needed a bit of physical activity with a bunch of random people. There was another girl there also taking photos. A beautiful body left flowing in a light navy blue dress. A low cut neck and her hair left free, she began to talk and walked backwards, "Okay, now everyone try and relax"
"You're not from here" I exclaimed as stupidly as someone can introduce themselves.
"I'm from Jersey", she said back. My heart skipped a beat and I took another shot of the slowly forming pyramid, wobbly hands and knees began to buckle at the structure and Lara had missed her turn to jump on top. I tried to take as many shots as possible and then the whole pyramid fell in a string of surprise and laughter.
A fear of heights and a social phobia culminated into the ultimate nightmare
She revelled in the pile of bodies laughing and helping people up, the people all kinda gathered back together and Lara began to talk to some of the guys, I turned briefly to get a glance and I smiled whilst turning back.
"So where are you from?" the girl asked me. I was slightly awe-struck, she had responded and was talking to me.
"I'm from here", I said. I told her how I always lived here and she told me she was slowly getting her head around my british accent. I was even more stunned. Despite being told on and off through the years of my yankee-talk, I was now face to face with a gorgeous American and being told my voice was more across the pond than from the land of the free.
Her name was Ruth, she was a cousin to a family that lived here. I met them all, the uncle, the brother in law, the other cousins.I talked to her about what I was writing and how the recent string of Jersey Shore culture  was far from the truth. I told her I had a bit of an obsession with American culture, she said that it was trash, but I replied that it still has these beautiful pockets of wonder and creative freedom. She sad she liked to think she was apart of the wonder.
Don't say a fucking word!

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