Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's be honest...

I know I created a blog for one reason or another (see the name) but another was to really get my writing work out and into the limelight...or the slightly blue light. I prefer blue over green.
I rarely dislike what I look up on Google Image
The point being is that over time I've gotten incredibly lazy and the 'articles' often require more work than I am able to do, which is why 99% of posts are usually just videos I find online, digg, Today's Big Thing, etc. I mean, you could always follow me on my Digg or simply leave a comment, but I realise the only people that do are friends, as are the only people who read this blog, are annoyed by this blog and have to listen to me go on about this blog.
No one gives a fuck about your Dreamworks article!
So suffice to say is that whilst I love the idea of creating a persona and the idea of being able to say anything I want, I realise the artist's I love and respect the most, musically, cinematically and even on TV, are those who leave the world a piece of themselves. The one's who open up their hearts, minds and dear I wankily say, souls.
Just because he's an unhappy God, doesn't mean he doesn't have a soul.
People like Charlie, people like Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Michael Swaim, Doug Waker, Louis C.K., John Safran, Ricky Gervais, Kevin Smith, John Kennedy Toole, Mitchell Hurwitz, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, people who add just that little personal touch to the comedy and life they help to create. Musicians like Bill Withers, Bill Callahan, Neil Young and even Girl Talk and Kanye West. Actors who've brought the screen to life like Bill Murray, Gene Wilder, Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera and Charlie Chaplain. The people who love what they do and love what they tell, the stories they weave about their youth and how they found their way in this hellish world.
Not that bad...yet
Hearing the stories they create, but even how they came to those stories. Charlie Brooker was a drawer for a gaming magazine, flunked out of doing a media degree and is one of the most intelligent men on the subject of television and video game analysis. Bill Cosby was in the war and had an interesting time growing up in Philadelphia, he was almost a gym teacher before he became a comedian, but still even after that, he tells the stories of going through Hollywood.
Every imitation of this man is grossly exaggerated and wrong.
Kevin Smith was a slacker who masturbated in the bathroom of where he worked, wrote a script and maxed out his credit cards and made one of the first and greatest examples of independent filmmaking in film history. He still makes films and has the most interesting podcasts I've ever heard, even more than Ricky Gervais, the self proclaimed Podfather.
Thanks Ricky
And I'll try not to make this one of those blog posts which XKCD beautifully illustrates and I identify with so much sans the caissier rêve, but I will try to strive and mark narcissistic blogposts about the things that happen around me, starting with a string of emails I've been sending to friends of mine about recent adventures. They're incredibly long and often take up most of my writing.
So let's start fresh.
Let me buy you dinner, we can go dancing, I'll be the designated driver and I'll make sure you get up stairs and through your door, before I drive away, biting the inside of my cheeks thinking how many times I could have kissed you.
I'm Harrison, I'm a Narcissistic Dilettante

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