Monday, November 1, 2010

FUCK YOU, I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL M-Shhhhhhhhhhhh for 4:33
Last year, Killing in the Name of rose to become the number #1 Christmas single, an achievement and pure money-making success for most recording artists, despite being released in the mid-90's, all for the sake of showing up Simon Cowell in his music-making, money loving smug face. Whilst I would love to be a music-making and rich smug face, the sheer power of people to enjoy one of the most intense and fun songs about political genocide so much, over any of the usual Christmas-rot which fills any household, or travelling car with radio or Top 40 videos playing, is a testament to the power of humanity (and remixers). The mainstream press have been a pretty good sport and with over 40,000 fans on Facebook (compared to Rage's over 500,000), a new contender might break through the Christmas lights this year.

A much safer, quieter and better cause to play John Cage's 4:33 (or four minutes, thirty-three seconds) as the Christmas Number #1, whilst not as popular as Rage's bassy musical ass kicking, Cage's experimental piece is a silent avant garde track, without Cage's distinct prepared piano style, and lasts just over four minutes and even has sheet music for.
The absolutely pleasure in watching it being played live is beautiful whilst also a bit hilarious, if silly. If creatures from another planet were to visit us and see the wonders of music and for us to show them John Cage's only non-prepared piano piece, would definitely make them want to leave for sheer stupidity or a lack of understanding...which I'd rather have if they were hostile.

However, whilst last year's money fell into the hands of Sony BMG (who own a market-share of just over 20% of all music) instead of EMI (Simon Cowell's old employers, guess who he's with now?), Cage's cheer squad are asking for charity donations and for support for many different causes.
To listen to 4:33 and enjoy the silence, go here

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